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    XRAY 808 – 2011 Specs

    February 3, 2011 - 08:33 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “The 2011 version of the highly succesful 808 platform brings major changes and improvements to bring performance, reliability and enjoyment again to another higher leve. With a focus on attaining maximum reliability of the platform, the central drivetrain system has been updated. To push performance levels higher, the suspension geometry has been improved once again, and new aluminum suspension holders are now included as standard in the kit. With XRAY‘s legendary dedication to small details and long-term extensive testing and feedback from Team XRAY drivers around the world, the 2011-spec 808 has been improved in every way. With the Car of the Year award, Viewers Choice award, and countless wins and victories at racetracks around the world, XRAY presents the new and improved 2011-spec 808.

    2011 XRAY 808 New Specs:

    • New chassis to accomodate all new drivetrain parts
    • New and improved handling
    • New suspension geometry with multi-adjustable roll centers
    • New improved weight balance with more centrally-positioned rotary moment
    • New diff bulkheads to accomodate new drivetrain parts
    • New central drivetrain system
    • New central CVD drive shafts
    • New pinion gears
    • New diff ball-bearings
    • New better-sealing shock O–rings
    • New rear brace to accomodate new central drive shafts
    • New front and rear alu suspension holders with eccentric roll centers
    • New composite eccentric bushings
    • New more robust suspension pins
    • New high-downforce body
    • New graphite radio plate more securely placed between throttle servo and spur gear
    • New updated radio box

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    XRAY NT1 2011 – World Champion Pedigree

    February 3, 2011 - 07:22 by Kevin 0 Comments

    At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in house manufacturing. The NT1 is synonymous with the absolute perfection that is XRAY: a platform that has been capturing trophies at tracks all around the world, and also capturing the hearts & mind of customers who demand nothing less than excellence. Multiple winner of “Car of the Year” awards and the absolute winner of all major titles – including World Champion, European Champion, USA Champion, Asian Champion and dozens of National champion titles all around the world – proves the unbeatable pedigree of this platform. XRAY brings forth the NT1 2011 edition, the next evolution of the winning platform.

    “To improve upon the car that is already the world’s best performing platform and the most successful nitro touring car in the market has been an extremely tough task. During the last few years we have continued year-by-year to introduce new changes and ideas to improve performance, reliability, and handling. For 2011 we focused on what we knew to be missing for a pedigree racing car like the NT1 : a chassis designed to easily accommodate graphite reinforcing inserts or additional balancing weights (front and rear) and one that is easier to perform handling-improving set-up changes on. Enjoy the 2011 NT1 and see you at the tracks.”
    - Martin Hudy, XRAY NT1 Project Designer


    Kristof Sielaff joins O.S. Engines

    February 2, 2011 - 12:17 by Kevin 0 Comments

    We have been informed by Kristof Sielaff that he has joined O.S. Engines. His Shepherd V10 Eleven will be powered by the O.S. Speed XZ 12 Spec 2 engine which he will be racing at such events as the North German Champs, German Champs and the European A Champs in 2011. We wish Kristof Sielaff the best of luck and would like to compliment him on his choice of head-wear! :)


    Sponsored M-Chassis Drivers Wanted

    February 2, 2011 - 12:05 by Kevin 0 Comments

    RCRacingUK, the UK distributor for Japanese Company, ABC Hobby have a great opportunity for a team driver who wants to run a very competitive chassis and something a bit different to the usual M-Chassis cars currently available – The ABC Goose. If you are interested and require further information, please email abc(at)rcracinguk.com with your current racing CV and your M-Chassis racing plans for 2011 / 2012. Application deadline is 25th February 2010.



    Team Durango shut-out @ Worksop

    February 2, 2011 - 11:59 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “Team Durango drivers shut the door on the competition at the 4th round of the hugely popular Worksop Indoor Masters series, with the DEX410 taking the top three positions in 4WD. 140+ drivers attended the 4th round of the Indoor Masters series at Worksop. In 4wd Danny McGee would take TQ in what was a close run qualifying with only he able to take two rounds. Craig Collinson and Nathan Waters took a round each to claim second and third on the grid respectively, whilst Adam Skelding took two seconds to grid up in 4th. Right from the off in the final the front four pulled away from the rest of the field and it was soon apparent that the winner would come from these four, but who? With only a second covering the front 4 until about half race distance when a couple of errors crept in from Danny and Craig promoted Nathan and Adam up to first and second respectively. Danny and Craig were still not done though and put pressure on the front two, but another couple of errors soon left a gap to the front. Nathan began to pull away from Adam and extend his lead whilst Adam seemed to have 2nd covered, but a couple of errors whilst trying to make sure of 2nd soon had Craig on his back door leaving a very nervy race to the line.”

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    David Ronnefalk signs with DCD for 2011

    February 2, 2011 - 11:54 by Kevin 0 Comments

    DirtChamp Design is very pleased to announce that they have signed up the Swedish ace David Ronnefalk to their International Racing Team 2011. The 6th place finisher at the 2010 ‘A’ Euros driver will race with a special “David Ronnefalk edition” of our advanced lap timing analysis software, LapR. We are very exciting to work with Team Ronnefalk during 2011 – Jonas Glad, DirtChamp Design

    “I´m so glad for this chance to join the DCD Team! DirtChamp Design timing system has helped me a lot during practice when I´m testing and working on new setups on my car, we can now save and analyze all laptimes from my practice sessions! The guys on DCD have done an excellent job and I´m so grateful for this!”
    David Ronnefalk