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    New T3 Alu Rear Suspension 1-Piece Holder

    May 4, 2010 - 12:55 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “Optional 1-piece aluminum rear suspension holder is a direct replacement for the standard forward holders of the REAR suspension. This holder is narrower than the rearward holder of the REAR suspension but keeps the same width of the car as with standard T3 holders. The aluminum suspension holder reinforces the chassis and helps prevent chassis damage in extreme hard crashes. Xray Read more…


    New RC8Be Factory Team Kit

    May 1, 2010 - 09:43 by Kevin 0 Comments


    “The RC8Be Factory Team kit picks up where the RC8e left off by adding many performance and durability enhancing features that were pioneered by our Area 51 engineers and world-class team of pro drivers. The new RC8Be features include Factory Team 16mm Big Bore threaded hard-anodized shocks, RC8B 5mm 7075 blue aluminum shock towers, 7075 blue aluminum suspension mounts, Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum one-piece top plate, and Pro-Line M3 Holeshot tires with molded inserts. Pre-assembled shocks, differentials, and turnbuckles help get you on the track fast. Factory Team shock and diff fluids are also included! All of these refinements are what make the Factory Team RC8Be—a potent buggy ready to take your racing to the next level that is pure Associated! Read more…


    New Line Of Bearings From X Factory

    May 1, 2010 - 09:33 by Kevin 0 Comments

    After successful launch of the new X – 6 Squared Kit, the first Kit where X Factory has sold the entire car, the Ohio company now announces release of all the bearings in the 6 Squared as individual parts. These bearings fit many different cars which use U.S.-dimensioned bearings, not just X Factory vehicles, at great prices. For example, the ubiquitous 3/16” X 3/8” rubber sealed bearing used as wheel bearings on so many cars, a pack of four just $3.89. One large bearing-only company sells them @ 99 cents, but X Factory beats even that price on this item. Rubber sealed 3/8” X 5/8” bearings used as outdrive bearings in X Factory and AE cars, pack of two just $9.99, about half of AE’s RRP! X Factory also has the little bearings inside the X Factory and AE diff, 2 per pack, and the 1/8” X 1/4” bearings found in many steering assemblies, 4 per pack. Read more…


    New VP Extreme Diff Oil

    May 1, 2010 - 09:17 by Kevin 0 Comments

    VP PRO are proud to introduce their latest extreme silicone diff oil’s which are available in a large range of different weights and are claimed to be the purest of silicone diff oils. VP PRO