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    X-Factory SCX-60 Short Course Truck

    May 15, 2010 - 13:22 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “Like everyone else in the US, Brian Kinwald got into the Short Course craze as it was developing. BK picked up an SC10 last summer, and dialed it in such that Josh Reyburg was able to win mod SC @ the SIGP race with it. So of course Dirt followed Chris Krieg’s work closely, helping Chris and Alex make and dial in the first SCX-60. After the intial order rush finished, and Chris was able to take a breath, we were excited to get one of these trucks in BK’s hands. “I knew this was going to be the most dialed X Factory car yet. With how good I was able to make the SC10, I still could feel that motor hanging out copmared to my X Factory rides. I’ve been building, testing, and running this truck for a few weeks now, and all I can say is incredible. People have asked me to stop racing it, ’cause it’s not fair. So on club nights I usually TQ the first round by a lap, then sit out and let Alex win while I watch his truck and we work to make it even better.”" Find Out More… Read more…


    XRAY Column #42

    May 15, 2010 - 13:08 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Xray reports – “Running from an airport in UK with a quick stop at home, I have just landed now in Spain (southern Europe), taking the rent-a-car and driving to Portugal. It is already April and in the last few weeks I have had no time to stop for a minute and write my monthly column, so non-traditionally I have been taking care of that at the 1/8 off-road EC Warm-up. Six large race events within 5–6 weeks… this would overwhelm just about anybody. My last report to you was back in February when I returned from Thailand where the team was preparing for the 1/8 off-road World Championship. So here’s what has happened meanwhile in the last few weeks.”

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    Reedy 2500mAh LiPo M11 TX Pack

    May 15, 2010 - 13:00 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “Reedy’s all-new high-capacity 2500mAh 7.4V LiPo battery lets you enjoy the LiPo advantage in your Airtronics/Sanwa M11X radio. The Reedy #637 fits neatly into the transmitter’s battery holder for simple plug-and-play installation. Because it is lighter than the standard NiMH battery, the radio is less tiresome to hold during long main events or practice sessions. Plus, less weight makes the transmitter easier and less costly to transport from race to race. Reedy LiPo batteries improve performance so that you can better enjoy your racing experience.”



    X Factory Releases Stafford Decals

    May 15, 2010 - 06:00 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “Now available from X Factory and D.M.S. Racing are Ellis Stafford’s personal decals as used on his 2009 National Championship X – 6 Squared. This decal sheet is made by Ellis’ sponsor Decal Designs in U.K. and is available in a very limited quantity. The stickers include of course the X Factory and X – 62 stickers famous on the side and wing of the Championship car, but all of Ellis’ other sponsors as well: E-Speed, Dirtz Dialed Partz, M.I.P., Lunsford, RudeBits, and Decal Designs. These are the decal sheets included in the K 020 Ellis Stafford Championship Edition X – 6 Squared Conversion Kit. The stickers are in Stafford’s trademark red, blue, and white so they will look great on many paint schemes. Also available from X Factory and D.M.S. are custom-painted replicas of Ellis’ X – 6 Squared shell from Kolors By Kropy. The new decal sheet will be perfect on one of those shells. Part # 8239, just $1.00 more than the standard X – 6 Squared decal sheet.”



    Trinity Mono Wheelie Bar Set

    May 14, 2010 - 13:07 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Trinity has announced the release of their Mono Wheelie Bar Set for Traxxas Minis – “Mono-wheel design like used in full sized prostock drag cars provides better stability by keeping your truck running in a straight line. Unlike a dual wheelie bar set-up the “Mono” doesn’t steer your car one day or the other. Longer straighter wheelies. Bolts on in seconds!” Team EPIC