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    Sakura Zero 1/10 EP TC Review – Part 3

    May 8, 2010 - 09:00 by Kevin 0 Comments

    I am though glad to say that the turnbuckles assemble a lot easier than on the F109 being nowhere near as tight to thread the ball joint ends onto the turnbuckle. The anti roll bars are pretty much a standard fitting being very similar to the ones on both the Xray T2 series and Tamiya TRF415’s. Next came the building of the shocks which are of a now standard type with threaded shock bodies and similar to Tamiya TRF shocks in design and assembly. The only slight problem I have found is you do not get a choice of piston in the kit it only comes with a 3 hole one where normally you would have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 holes to choose from. Other than that they are very smooth in operation and will be easily adjustable for the amount of rebound you want to set. Both front and rear shocks have two positions for mounting on the wishbone while the rears have 8 positions and the fronts have 5 positions on the shock tower. Read more…


    Sakura Zero 1/10 EP TC Review – Part 4

    May 8, 2010 - 08:00 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Test Drive –

    The first meeting, we run on an indoor running track at don valley stadium in Sheffield which is a rubberised carpet and more like racing on tarmac than on carpet, anyone who has done the BIWS will know what I mean. There are long jump pits on the track so it is very sandy at the start of the evening with the grip coming up as the night goes on I was only to get 2 races due to time constraints on myself. The first practise run the back end of the car was lively but this was more due to the sand than anything else as most cars were the same so I left the set up alone, apart from the gearing as it was slow on the straight on 25t pinion and 80t spur the main issue is the fact I am running my Losi Exceleron 13.5 which has no timing on it and the suggested ratio is 4.5:1 and the kit gearing being nearer 6:1 I was always going to be under geared. I managed to get a 74t spur gear from the trackside shop that I could modify to fit and also changed to a 28t pinion, then went back out nearer to the first round of racing. The second practise run was a lot better but still a little loose the speed being a lot nearer the other cars although I had decided on turning off the turbo mode on the esc for practice and the first round of racing. Read more…


    KM Racing H-K1 200mm Features

    May 7, 2010 - 09:43 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Updated Image Gallery

    KM Racing have published their full list of features regarding their all new 1/10 H-K1 4WD GP touring car -

    Special Features:
    “1. Bat-Head type front bumper — Create air-dynamic down force (first creative design in the world)
    2. Carbon front chassis plate — Provide different setting & front belt protecting (first creative design in the world)
    3. Front carbon belt adjustor holder — Provide easy adjustment & belt quick change function (first creative design in the world)
    4. Rear carbon belt adjustor holder — Provide easy adjustment & belt quick change function (first creative design in the world)
    5. Air-ship type fuel tank — Quick change and air-dynamic function with extremely low CG.
    4. 25cm height from fuel tank mouth to main chassis (first creative design in the world)
    6. Air-dynamic main chassis — Create rapid air flowing function. (first creative design in the world)
    7. Extremely low CG upper deck — 2.5cm height from upper deck to main chassis.
    8. Aluminium front bulkhead — Provide strong & rigidity structure
    9. Aluminium rear bulkhead & gear box — Provide strong & rigidity structure
    10. Roll-bar with bearing — Provide easy & simple balancing
    11. Quick change receiver box — Side open & lock with an E-clip providing simple & quick change receiver function
    12. Quick change & easy adjustment design for front upper arm and rear bottom arm pins.
    13. Adjustable wheel base — a. Front with 0,2mm adjustment — b. Rear with 0,1,2mm adjustment
    14. Aluminium middle mount with muffler stay spring link holder function

    Super Luxury Optional Parts will be included as standard:
    1. Full car aluminium parts using A7075-T6 with special hard coating.
    2. Full car equip with aluminium hard coated pulleys
    3. Telfon coated aluminium front & rear shocks
    4. Full bearings with two ceramic bearings for two speed.
    5. Titanium 64Ti turnbuckle.
    6. KM aluminium front axle.
    7. KM carbon brake plate with special high friction brake pad.
    8. Front spring steel universal shaft.
    9. Aluminium hard coated servo saver.
    10. KM special ultra light weight clutch system.
    11. Full car equip with low friction belts
    12. Carbon & aluminium brake arm.
    13. Carbon battery plate.
    14. Carbon middle belt stand.
    15. Carbon middle mount collar.
    16. Carbon 2 speed shaft collar.
    17. Carbon rear stiffener.”



    New Hudy Ride Height Guage

    May 7, 2010 - 08:41 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Hudy have announced the following chassis ride height gauge -

    • Chassis ride height gauge for 1/8 & 1/10 off-road cars
    • Ride height range (30-17mm)
    • CNC-machined, made of high-quality lightweight duraluminum
    • Gauge interior additionally machined to minimize weight without compromising strength or durability
    • Black elox-coating for smooth, long-lasting finish and stylish look
    • Laser engraved with HUDY logo and scale



    2010 3rd KM Asia Cup

    May 7, 2010 - 08:06 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Below you will find details regarding this year’s 3rd KM Asia Cup -

    • Date: 19th ~ 20th June, 2010
    • Duration: 8:30AM ~ 6:00PM
    • Race Track: Hong Kong TRC Racing Track
    • Website: www.trcracing.org Read more…