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    Vampire delivers 7500mAh LiPo power

    December 8, 2014 - 19:18 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Vampire 7500 LiPo

    Vampire Racing introduces the all-new 7500mAh 80C 7.4V hardcase LiPo stick pack. The newly developed high-performance battery is made from a new generation of very robust Lithium-Polymer cells that is claimed not to swell like many of today’s LiPo packs do. The special chemistry of the 80C cells delivers the best possible performance for power-hungry applications such as Modified and Stock touring cars as well as 1/8 offroad vehicles. The battery sports standard dimensions of 138x47x25mm, it weighs in at 330g, and it comes with a protective hardcase that incorporates dual 4mm connector tubes. Read more…


    HUDY expands storage box lineup

    December 8, 2014 - 18:53 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    HUDY Box

    HUDY’s storage box game is ‘on point’, as they have released yet another new organizing box today. This new box features 8 compartments, made up of tough translucent plastic, measures up at 7″x3.7″, has been long term tested by the HUDY team, and topped off with signature HUDY graphics to keep you looking fresh. This box joins a list of various other size and shape boxes available from HUDY as well.

    Source: HUDY


    XRAY’s new ball-bearing T4’15 sway bars

    December 8, 2014 - 18:39 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    xray news template 02cs2

    XRAY has just released their new front and rear anti-roll bars redesigned to work with the new T4’15 bulkheads and ball-bearing roll bar mounting system. The all-new anti-roll bar system is mounted to the front & rear bulkheads via bearings from outside for extra-smooth movement, and for quick & easy changes and adjustment. The roll bar turns in ball-bearings for maximum precision and free movement. Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a screw… quick & easy. Each anti-roll bar has laser-engraved stripes (corresponding to bar thickness) for easy identification.

    Source: XRAY

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    RB Products travels to Puerto Rico

    December 8, 2014 - 18:27 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    RB Puerto Rico

    RB Products continues to increases it’s availability worldwide by announcing yet another new distributorship today. Droopy Hobby Shop has been appointed as the official RB distributor in Puerto Rico. This new distributorship will allow Puerto Rico and Caribbean customers easier access to the full line of RB Products.

    Source: RB Products


    New 3Racing alu arms from Yeah Racing

    December 8, 2014 - 18:19 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Yeah Racing Arms

    Yeah Racing has released their all-new aluminum front and rear suspension arms for the 3Racing Sakura XI Sport. These new arms are made up of high quality CNC aluminum, and are designed to improve durability while also improving agility during high speed cornering. The arms are finished off in a pink anodizing for added eye candy.

    Source: rcMart

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    Beamcat’s VBC 25mm spring conversion

    December 8, 2014 - 17:30 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Beamcat VBC Conversion

    Beamcat has just released their newest option setup for the popular VBC Racing D06 and D07 touring cars. This is the new 25mm Spring Conversion Kit, and includes new front and rear shock towers, and optional 25mm springs. These springs are longer than the stock springs, and require the taller towers to work efficiently. The spring set includes 4 different spring sets allowing for optimum tuning in various race conditions. The new conversion is available now. Read more…

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