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    REDS goes horizontal with new carb

    October 14, 2014 - 16:37 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    REDS Horizontal Carb

    REDS Racing has officially released their new HCX horizontal carb, first seen at the recent IFMAR World Championships in Messina. The revolutionary carb features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down. The new carb is designed to provide a more stable idle, more precise tuning, easier access to high speed needle, and higher mid and top range power. The REDS HCX Carb can be used with all REDS Racing offroad engines: R5R, R5T Team Edition and R7 Evoke engines.

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    Source: REDS Racing



    Schelle innovates new B5M battery strap

    October 13, 2014 - 22:56 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Schelle Battery Strap

    Schelle Racing Innovations has just released their new carbon fiber battery strap for the Team Associated B5M. The innovative design allows racers to remove the front battery foams, shedding additional weight and opening up the chassis for more ESC placement options while holding the cells secure.  The second creative design feature is the narrow rear tongue which allows chassis flex through the entire range of motion without contacting the rear chassis brace. Read more…

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    STRC lightens up Tamiya touring cars

    October 13, 2014 - 19:44 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    STRC Tamiya Screws

    When it comes to racing, every little bit of competitive advantage translates to a performance gain over your competitors on the track.  It is a known fact that a lighter car is a faster car.  STRC’s titanium screw kits will now help reduce the weight of your Tamiya onroad cars, especially those heavier tub chassis cars like the TB04 and the TA05-06 series cars.  Double deck graphite cars can also benefit from the weight reduction to bring the vehicles closer to the new 1380g minimum weight now in Touring Car racing.  Also included are light blue anodized lock-nuts to complete the kit.

    Available web only at www.teamstrc.com.


    ProTek RC releases Samurai combo

    October 13, 2014 - 19:44 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Samurai Combo

    ProTek R/C has paired two nitro racing juggernauts, combining the powerful 321B “Samurai” engine with the super-popular 2060 tuned pipe. ProTek R/C’s polished chrome 2060 off-road pipe is designed with a wider, shorter body making it ideal for high RPM performance and big track optimization. NeoBuggy said the Samurai is, “one of the smoothest and most controllable engines currently available.” When combined, the Samurai and 2060 are a potent package providing unparalleled power delivery and excellent fuel mileage. Order the Samurai/2060 combo today, save $30 and qualify for free shipping* during the month of October.


    The Yeti gets new MIP X-Duty axles

    October 13, 2014 - 17:35 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    MIP Yeti Axles

    What do you get when an offroad race car meets a rock crawler? Well the dynamo combo gives you a Rock Racer! Axial has dived in head first and given both bashers and racers a car that they can get excited about, the Yeti! Since the Yeti comes with a stock plastic rear driveshaft, MIP knew you would want better, and the Yeti X-duty Drive was born. With a few adjustments to MIP’s proven drive hubs, they were able to fit in a rock crawling and basher approved X-Duty Design axle to accommodate all the power and thrashing you may put it through.

    Source: MIP

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    New Arrowmax brass B-MAX2 bulkheads

    October 13, 2014 - 17:09 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Arrowmax Bulkheads

    Arrowmax-RC has just released their new brass front bulkheads for the Yokomo B-MAX2. The first bulkhead weighs is a standard width and weighs in at 54g, while the second is a narrower, and lighter (only 46g) brass bulkhead. Both of which are designed to be used as additional tuning options on high grip surfaces when more steering and consistency is desired.

    Source: Arrowmax-RC