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    S733 TQ & Win at RCCM Cup

    May 11, 2010 - 06:32 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Serpent reports – “Last weekend the first round of the RCCM Cup took place on the track in Hildesheim. Arriving on Thursday, there was no opportunity for practice due to rain for the 31 starters, sothat the first practice heats went on Saturday morning. After the last qualification heat Merlin had to start from pole position in the final with his MAX powered Serpent 733. Right from the start of the final he pulled away and ran easily for 30 minutes with a smooth working car, finishing 7 laps in front of second Thomas Einbeck. It was the first race with the Serpent 733 for Merlin, who had never before started in a 1/10 scale class. Also thanks to Mechanic Björn Möhring and Siegfried Lakeit for pitting, who replaced pit man Hansi Heise for this weekend.”

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    KM Racing H-K1 200mm Features

    May 7, 2010 - 09:43 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Updated Image Gallery

    KM Racing have published their full list of features regarding their all new 1/10 H-K1 4WD GP touring car -

    Special Features:
    “1. Bat-Head type front bumper — Create air-dynamic down force (first creative design in the world)
    2. Carbon front chassis plate — Provide different setting & front belt protecting (first creative design in the world)
    3. Front carbon belt adjustor holder — Provide easy adjustment & belt quick change function (first creative design in the world)
    4. Rear carbon belt adjustor holder — Provide easy adjustment & belt quick change function (first creative design in the world)
    5. Air-ship type fuel tank — Quick change and air-dynamic function with extremely low CG.
    4. 25cm height from fuel tank mouth to main chassis (first creative design in the world)
    6. Air-dynamic main chassis — Create rapid air flowing function. (first creative design in the world)
    7. Extremely low CG upper deck — 2.5cm height from upper deck to main chassis.
    8. Aluminium front bulkhead — Provide strong & rigidity structure
    9. Aluminium rear bulkhead & gear box — Provide strong & rigidity structure
    10. Roll-bar with bearing — Provide easy & simple balancing
    11. Quick change receiver box — Side open & lock with an E-clip providing simple & quick change receiver function
    12. Quick change & easy adjustment design for front upper arm and rear bottom arm pins.
    13. Adjustable wheel base — a. Front with 0,2mm adjustment — b. Rear with 0,1,2mm adjustment
    14. Aluminium middle mount with muffler stay spring link holder function

    Super Luxury Optional Parts will be included as standard:
    1. Full car aluminium parts using A7075-T6 with special hard coating.
    2. Full car equip with aluminium hard coated pulleys
    3. Telfon coated aluminium front & rear shocks
    4. Full bearings with two ceramic bearings for two speed.
    5. Titanium 64Ti turnbuckle.
    6. KM aluminium front axle.
    7. KM carbon brake plate with special high friction brake pad.
    8. Front spring steel universal shaft.
    9. Aluminium hard coated servo saver.
    10. KM special ultra light weight clutch system.
    11. Full car equip with low friction belts
    12. Carbon & aluminium brake arm.
    13. Carbon battery plate.
    14. Carbon middle belt stand.
    15. Carbon middle mount collar.
    16. Carbon 2 speed shaft collar.
    17. Carbon rear stiffener.”



    2010 3rd KM Asia Cup

    May 7, 2010 - 08:06 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Below you will find details regarding this year’s 3rd KM Asia Cup -

    • Date: 19th ~ 20th June, 2010
    • Duration: 8:30AM ~ 6:00PM
    • Race Track: Hong Kong TRC Racing Track
    • Website: www.trcracing.org Read more…


    RC Racing Episode 4 Ep5 is Now Online

    May 7, 2010 - 06:11 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “This month we have some of the best (and most controversial!) racing action we’ve ever shown! We start with the story of the Modified championships at the DHI cup with fantastically close racing in all 3 finals. Then we are back to Florida for World GT action from the Snowbirds, where you will have to decide if the “winner” really won!” RC Racing Read more…


    Shepherd’s Double Victory at Danish Nats Rd1

    May 7, 2010 - 05:28 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Team Shepherd reports – “Last weekend the first round of the Danish Nationals took place at the Odense RC MiniRace track. I was also there to compete the first time with the Velox V10. Unfortunately the weather was not so nice which limited the possibilities to practise. Nevertheless I had a good feeling and was confident for the first round of qualifying. With a new track record I clocked the fastest time. Right after the first round was done rain arrived again and the rest of the qualifying was cancelled. The finals were scheduled for Sunday and finally the track was dry. I did some setup changes and was really satsified with the car after the final practise. Right from the start of the final I pulled away and never looked back. My Velox V10 powered by IDM engines ran flawless and after 30 minutes I crossed the finishing line in first position. Read more…