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    NT1 Wins Dutch Nationals R4

    August 16, 2010 - 10:06 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Xray reports – “Round 4 of the 1/10th 200mm took place at the famous MACH track in Heemstede. Forecasts for Saturday weren’t that good. Drivers were welcomed by rain in the morning, but it later stopped and all drivers could make their practice rounds. During qualification it was Team XRAY driver Pedro Rombouts that was setting the best pace. After being the fastest in all three rounds he claimed pole position by 0.7sec ahead of local hero Rik Prins, XRAY driver Acro de Jong, Team XRAY driver Maxim Claes, and Remy Möller. In the lower finals it was Daan Jacobs who claimed 6th place on the grid, followed by 3 XRAY drivers (Daan Stuiver, Dennis de Groote, Ingeborg Gommers) with the last main final spot going to Ricardo van Dam. It was already a strong performance having six NT1’s in the main final.”

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    Wood & Savox Win BRCA – Rnd 6

    August 15, 2010 - 11:33 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “CML are proud to report Savox driver Tim Wood has won Round 6 of the 2010 BRCA Nationals at Mendip in Weston-Super-Mare. Last weekend saw the return of 1/8 Circuit racing following the summer break and it was the Savox/Serpent car that took the overall victory with a flawless performance. At Round 5 in Adur, Tims Savox powered car was on form and set a new lap record on way to TQ. Having dominated the final, an engine cut at 26mins ended an almost certain victory. Since the beginning of the year, Tim has run the same 2 Savox Servos through all the nationals and the euros in Monaco (Which was an almost certain victory after qualifying 2nd overall!). Tim now leads the National Championship and we wish him and his SC1258 servos the best of luck for Round 7 at Halifax.”

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    New Velox V10 Option Parts

    August 13, 2010 - 15:14 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Team Shepherd reports – Middle shaft V10 aluminium, We are pleased to introduce these new super lightweight CNC-machined aluminium middle shaft. It’s made from premium German aluminium and has been nickle plated to increase wear resistance and lifespan. The rotating mass is reduced by 5,5g (65%) compared to the standard middle shaft which results in improved acceleration and performance.

    Brass batteryplate mounts (3) –

    These new battery plate mounts are CNC-machined from finest brass and provide an additional weight of 25g in total. Mounted directly on the chassis plate they lower centre of gravity significantly and minimize the risk of traction rolling. By using only the front one or the rear ones the balance of the car could be fine-tuned. Both items were used succesfully at the World Championship in Houston where Marc Rheinard reached the podium with his Velox V10.”



    Kristof Sielaff 2nd at North German Champs

    August 10, 2010 - 09:09 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Our friend Kristof Sielaff reports of his recent success at the North German Champs - ”Last weekend saw the last round of the North German Champs take place in Braunschweig on a fresh track design. I arrived on the Sunday and only had 30 mins practice, as a result the car wasn’t at its best during my first qualifying run, due to the lack of grip. The car performed better in the last round however I made several small mistakes, which lead me to qualify P5, two seconds behind the 4th. My start of the A final was good allowing me to join the group of leading cars, however after hitting a car I fell back down to the back of the field. However I pushed hard to rejoin the top which saw my car set some of the fastest lap times of the day. Thankfully I caught the leaders and managed to finish second. The KM-Racing H-K1 was going nearly perfect in the final. I have to say thanks to my Sponsors : KM-Racing,LMI-Racing,East Coast Bodies,GP-Speedtires,Siemotu Modified Engines. In the end ranking for the North German champs I was on p3.”

    Thanks to Kristof Sielaff for the report.


    Ralph Burch Win 2010 World Championship

    August 9, 2010 - 18:27 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “The 1/10 Nitro Touring Car 2010 World Championship took place the last two weeks of July at the some of the best equipped on-road track at Gulf Coast Raceway in Houston, USA. The IFMAR World Championship is organized every two years and for Team XRAY this was the second Worlds. The premiere Worlds in 2008 – held in Portugal – was fairly successful with Martin Hudy taking 3rd place on the podium after a very tight battle for the top positions. During the last two years, XRAY development and the racing team have continued their hard work on further development of the car and the first major victories over the last years were three USA National champion titles and European champion titles in different categories. This year the XRAY racing team was prepared to continue its previous success and was poised to capture the most coveted title – World Champion. Nothing was left to chance. Team XRAY participated at the XRAY Nitro Challenge which was organized two months before the Worlds at the same track with opposite direction racing. All XRAY drivers and customers from Europe and USA had the chance to test at the track, work on their set-up, and learn all about the track: its surface & traction to get ready for the Worlds.”

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