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    Hudy Custom Tools & Set-Ups

    May 25, 2009 - 16:01 by Kevin 0 Comments


    “Based on the extensive demand we have prepared complete sets of tools and set-up systems for particular RC category which are customized. Each of the set was thoroughly choosen for each RC category. Each of the set is packaged and delivered in the exclusive carrying bag. These exclusive custom sets are completely customized which means that the tools and set-up systems will be laser engraved with the customer name or nick name with maxium of 20 characters and the bag will be originally custom printed with the name or nick name (with no character limits). This offer is time limited so please contact your national distributor who will inform about all details.” [Our thanks go to Hudy for this news]


    Xceed Titanium Screw-Sets

    May 25, 2009 - 10:27 by Kevin 0 Comments



    Xceed has released new titanium screw-sets for the Serpent 120 and 960-966, to replace the steel screws with titanium in suitable positions in the car. More sets will soon be available for other best-selling cars as well as the most common types of screws in bags of 10. [Source - xceedrc.com]


    Finnish Open Rd1

    May 25, 2009 - 10:05 by Kevin 0 Comments


    Hong Nor reports – Team Hong Nor Finland started the 2009 season from Finnish Open Rd1, held in Tampere last weekend. In the truggy class Hong Nor team drivers dominated the whole day. In qualifications it was Petri Myllari who took TQ followed by Joonas Vuojolahti in second. Petri then went onto take pole position in the semi A and Joonas the same in semi B. Again both drivers dominated the semi finals, Petri finishing 1st in A and Joonas in B. In the main final the race was tight, Petri started from the pole and Joonas in second. Petri took the lead and kept it all the way and Joonas finished second. Both drivers were using X2 CRT Pro Truggies and HN “The X” LPR Tires. In Truggy Junior class Tapio Alho won with his X1X-CRT-RTR. Petri Myllari also placed 3rd in Buggy class. Congratulations! [Our thanks go to HongNor for this news]


    NT1 Wins Venezuela Nationals R6

    May 24, 2009 - 16:44 by Kevin 0 Comments


    Xray reports – “Saturday I was going to the track in the early morning because I had a new engine and I needed to break it in. After the break-in I tested the engine and pipe and they were very good. After that I started working on the setup and I found a very good one. Sunday morning. It rained in the morning and all drivers waited. When the rain stopped and the track was dry the Qualifiers started and the traction was very different but my car was working well in this situation though the lap times were very different from the day before. Finals – When the race started, I took it easy because the race is very long (1 hour) and my strategy was to make it to the end without a tire change. I knew other drivers would be changing their tires but my car was very good and the tires were working well. I want to say thanks to Emidio for being my pitman, and would also like to thank my sponsors XRAY, RCAmerica, Spektrum, JACO, MAXpower and EXOS fuel.” Read More… [Source - teamxray.com]


    New Serpent 1:10 200mm Car

    May 22, 2009 - 16:55 by Kevin 0 Comments


    Serpent have released the following press release regarding their new 1:10 200mm Car – “The introduction date of new Serpent 200mm is getting closer …. Michael Salven has been developing the new 1/10 car over the past months. The basic concept of the Impulse / 705 / 710 / 720 has been an excellent platform and brought Serpent lots of success, many victories and many Serpent racers. Its time for the next stage. More than “just” evolution this time. ….. Focus as always on sheer performance, as you are used to from Serpent, as racing company pur sang. Many bigger and smaller innovations by Salven are packed in this high-tech racing chassis. Still with more focus than ever on user-friendly design, ease of assembly, maintenance and set-up, and a wider sweet spot. All that combined with further improved quality to face high-end racing ! Serpent has been testing the new 200mm gas-car Serpent 7XX on 2 tracks by expert and regular drivers. Test-results are very good and only small modifications are needed to make it perfect. The Serpent 7XX is a completely new concept and uses only the 2-speed, Centax clutch and RCC shocks from the previous model. Read more…


    Greg Hill appointed MD at RC Disco

    May 22, 2009 - 16:40 by Kevin 0 Comments


    “Experienced racer, salesman and promoter Greg Hill has been taken on by newly formed RC Disco to manage the business for owner Jason Dearden. Greg will run all aspects of the business while Jason takes a more behind the scenes role as buyer, investor and advisor. Greg’s official start date is 8th of June; while RC Disco officially starts trading XRAY & HUDY on the 1st of July, but until then supply will continue through Mirage RC. Greg – “it’s exciting to be involved from the beginning of something like this. XRAY put out some of the best product in the racing scene; their combination of quality & performance is unrivalled. Everyone knows and respects HUDY product, it’s simply the best.” “We are just getting a building & phones sorted; and we talking to other brands, so hopefully some more announcements soon. We are also looking for staff to join the team, so if you are passionate about RC and have relevant experience then send us your CV to the distribution@rcdisco.com email address” Read more…