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    WC 1/8: Sabrina Reports

    August 27, 2009 - 09:47 by Kevin 0 Comments

    WC 8Sabrina Reports

    Serpent reports – “It was a very nice race there and I finished in 35th place in this 2009 World Championship. We were testing a lot with set-up, bodies, engines and after the qualification I took the 42 place so I was in the 1/8 finale. I was able to finish 3rd in the 1/8 final and thus bumped up to the 1/4 final, which made me very happy! My Serpent 966 was so great. My dad did a very good job to find this perfect setup. My dad was working together with Matthias Meister in the pitlane! Thanks to them I made such good result as they made such a great job! On Saturday morning my 1/4 final started, the track was a bit dirty and in the beginning it was very difficult to drive!” Read More… [Source - serpent.com]


    XRAY Column #33

    August 26, 2009 - 21:35 by Kevin 0 Comments


    The #33 edition of Xrays column is now online and can be found here. “Summer… the busiest time of our year… is here. And this is one of our busiest summers, because all the European Championships just happen to be scheduled within the same month! So, for the better part of July we will be away from our headquarters and be living at the tracks around Europe. The first Euros is the 1/8 Off-road (taking place in Austria)… the week after that we drive to Italy for the 1/10 Nitro touring Euros… and then we end the summer season at the 1/10 Electric Touring Euros in Luxemburg at the end of July. Then to take a “break” from the Euros we will have the “relaxing” Asian XRAY Nitro Touring Challenge in Hong Kong where we will finally be able to get some free days and spend them with some “relaxing” racing, and performing some tech lectures and sessions with our XRAY customers from Asia. But until then we have to put up with the thrill, stress, and racing madness at the most competitive races of this season – the European Championships.” [Source - teamxray.com]


    New Core RC Servo’s

    August 19, 2009 - 14:56 by Kevin 0 Comments

    New Core RC Servo's

    Schumacher Racing is pleased to announce these two new servo’s from Core RC. Firstly a new low profile digital lightweight racing servo, suitable for 1/10th Touring Cars. This servo have been tested by some of our leading Touring Cars drivers and really stacks up against the competition – check the specs & especially the price!! Secondly, a new analogue Heavy Duty Hi Torque servo for RTR cars. Suitable as a replacement servo for both throttle and steering for all RTR cars. Once again good specs and excellent price!! Both servos come attractively packaged with various horns and mounting hardware. Find Out More… Schumacher Racing


    New LRP Glow Plug Igniter

    August 18, 2009 - 18:40 by Kevin 0 Comments

    New LRP Glow PlugIgniter

    LRP has released a new aluminium glow plug igniter featuring a glow check which allows you to check if your current glow plug is damaged. The new LRP glowplug igniter works with any 1.2V Sub-C cell on the market and allows for a possible battery change if the cell is damaged. LRP