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    German Champion Joins Team Orion

    November 21, 2008 - 11:29 by Kevin 0 Comments

    “The current German National Champion Stefan Hanauer moves to Team Orion. Having used RB products since 2004 he has now joined the Team Orion Team which is lead by Adrien Bertin. Stefan is well known for his experience on national and international level and will use the latest Team Orion products on his KYOSHO EVOLVA M3. In closely collaboration with designer Adrien Bertin and top Orion driver Ilia van Gastl they will focus on next years World Champioship in Lostallo. Welcome in our team, Stefan!” [Source - teamorion.com]


    Home Made Turbine Funny Car

    November 16, 2008 - 12:06 by Kevin 0 Comments

    We were contacted by a fellow RC fan called Kenneth Azzopardi who wished to tell us about his homemade turbine funny car, the following is his story – “I’ve been wanting to build a turbine car for about ten years, about two years ago I said to myself I’ve got that dream so why not build it and I started with drawing the body on a piece of cardboard after that I cut the sides from ply then I started shaping the body using balsa then I covered it in tissue then there was a lot of sanding to be done then filling and then spraying then I started the chassis out of an aluminium sheet 8mm thick then put on the wheels of a 1/5 fg car the disk brakes are 1/5 fg as well and the turbine engine is a wren mw54 about 13 to 14 pounds thrust the front steering was made from parts from different cars the servos are Futaba radio and receiver are jr I use a aeroplane transmitter to drive the car well I’ve started testing, we’ve got some small problems that need to be fixed . i should be taking the car to the UK fast rc event if all goes well and my goal is to go 100 mph that is my dream I will be building another body for racing and will be leaving this body for shows if you go to you tube be you can see a lot of videos of the car here is one with the body on” Read more…