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    Ukrainian Winter Indoor Cup Round 1

    February 23, 2015 - 17:43 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Last weekend hosted Round 1 of the Ukrainian Winter Indoor Cup in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The event included onroad and offroad racing classes, with a total entry count of 110+. Saturday’s race program featured all onroad racing, while Sunday featured the offroad race program. When it was all said and done, it was a fantastic start to the Ukrainian Winter Indoor Cup for all! Watch the A-Main action above! Read more…


    New Factory Team shock shaft pliers

    February 20, 2015 - 22:38 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Shock Shaft Pliers

    The new Team Associated Factory Team Shock Shaft Pliers make it easy to grip shock shafts while screwing on the shock ends, leaving the shaft clear of scratches in the process. The Shock Shaft Plier’s large clamping surface and long handle provide plenty of leverage for gripping shafts with minimal effort. Read more…

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    Word of Wheels: R/C Tips to Remember

    February 20, 2015 - 19:58 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    WOW Tips

    Over the past several years, I have been delighted to see more and more of my friends join the R/C racing scene. Some are ex-motocross racers, some are ex-real car racers, and some have never raced anything in their life. While their backgrounds are all very different, one thing that they all share in common is the desire to win. In an effort to learn what it takes to win, they are always asking what the most important tips and tricks of R/C racing really are. I have put together my top 10 things to remember for new and experienced R/C racers alike!


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    Contact Tyres 2015 International Team

    February 20, 2015 - 18:17 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments


    Contact Tyres is pleased to announce their International Team for the 2015 Season.Contact is happy to add Alessio Mazzeo to long term multi-time championship winning drivers Robert Pietsch and Simon Kurzbuch. Robert, Simon and Alessio will attend a variety of races including the IFMAR World and EFRA European Championships, ENS, and National Championships.

    Source: Contact

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    Modelix introduces Ultimate Electro line

    February 19, 2015 - 18:36 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Ultimate LiPos

    Modelix Racing is proud to announce the addition of the new Ultimate Electro range of LiPo batteries and chargers to the diverse and growing Ultimate Racing line of products. All of the new Ultimate Electro LiPo batteries comes with premium battery cells, with low-resistance connection that minimizes resistance and increases power output, while a balance connector allows for simple balance charging.

    “Every hobby enthusiast and pro racer want a reliable and affordable battery that provides good runtime, good power and reliable performance, and Modelix Racing is once again ready to deliver world-class performance and reliability to racers and enthusiasts worldwide with the new Ultimate Electro line of batteries.”

    Source: Modelix


    Vampire delivers new competition LiPos

    February 18, 2015 - 20:00 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Vampire Batteries

    Vampire Racing introduce three new competition LiPo battery packs made from the latest generation of high-performance cells. First up is the 6400mAh 100C stick pack whose high output voltage makes it ideal for Stock racing classes. The high capacity makes it also very useful demanding Modified class racing. Also new are a 5700mAh 80C saddle and a 4600mAh shorty battery pack. All packs are made from a new generation of cells that is more powerful and less prone to swelling even when the packs are abused through too high or too low voltage. The saddle pack version comes with a 4mm bullet-type connector, while the stick and shorty packs come with dual 4mm connectors for even higher power output.

    Source: Vampire