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    RCS cuts new KF2, Mi5, & YZ-2 skins

    March 18, 2015 - 16:36 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Chassis Protectors

    RCS Graphic Worx have added to their series of “Factory” chassis skins to fit a wide selection of today’s most popular onroad and offroad vehicles with addition’s for the Schumacher Cougar KF2 2wd buggy and Mi5 Evo touring car as well as the Yokomo YZ-2 2wd buggy. Each skin is pre-cut to the exact chassis hugging shape, features an attractive RCS “Factory” Graphic that is unique to each car. All skins come sold as pairs so that you always have a spare ready for when they wear through and making them superb value for money too at just £8.99 per pair.

    image013 (4) image012 (3) image009 (4)

    Source: X Factory UK

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    ProTek B5/B5M Titanium rear CVA axles

    March 17, 2015 - 22:25 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    ProTek Axles

    ProTek R/C has released their new Rear CVA Titanium Axles, intended for use with the Team Associated B5 and B5M 1/10 Scale 2WD Buggies. The ProTek R/C Titanium Axles are CNC machined to near-exact tolerances from high-quality domestic 6AL-4V (Grade 5) titanium alloy material and polished to a brilliant finish. The 6AL-4V titanium features one of the highest strength-to-density ratios of all materials making it extremely strong and lightweight, without any sacrifices. Additionally, titanium is heat tolerant, corrosion resistant and looks damn good. Read more…

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    LFR Assassin strikes the TLR 8IGHT 3.0

    March 17, 2015 - 21:12 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    LFR Assassin TLR Nitro

    Leadfinger carries over the new Assassin design to the popular TLR 3.0 nitro buggy! Keeping the look of the Assassin’s cab forward design form the previous electric buggy platform. Leadfinger re-works the new mold by lowering the profile and giving the nitro version a more aggressive look. As it’s electric brother before him, the cab forward design helps bring more down force to the front of the car, providing more steering into and exiting corners.

    TLR 7 TLR 6 TLR 5 TLR 4

    Read more…

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    AMain.com Pot o’ Gold Tub Giveaway

    March 17, 2015 - 20:48 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments


    To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day AMain.com’s own leprechaun is stashing four Team Associated Limited Edition “Gold Tub” RC10 Classic Kits throughout the website. Simply find and click on the lucky “Pot O’ Gold Tub” image he hides each day on our website March 17 through March 20. Then enter into the daily drawing with your contact info, and be sure to enter each day that you find the lucky Pot O’ Gold Tub.  We’ll share hints on where to find the Pot O’ Gold Tub images on the AMain.com Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Remember to search for the hashtag #potofgoldtub if you are wise and want to win the Gold Tub prize.

    CLICK HERE to begin the search for your chance to win!

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    XRAY XB4 independent servo mount

    March 17, 2015 - 19:21 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    XRAY Servo Mount

    XRAY has released their new independent servo mount for the XB4. The new independent servo mount allows the steering servo to be mounted to the chassis without touching it, which ensures that unwanted chassis tweak is eliminated and overall traction is increased. The servo mount can be positioned on either left or right side, depending on electronics placement. The servo mount is made from high-quality, CNC-machined graphite and a Swiss 7075 alu holder laser engraved with XRAY logo for authentic look.

    Source: XRAY

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    JQRacing Factory Team Snapback Hat

    March 17, 2015 - 18:58 by Mike Garrison 0 Comments

    Silver State Hat

    Since the beginning of JQRacing style was very important for the brand. Their iconic original JQ THEHat was a great hit back in 2010 and now, five years later, the JQRacing Factory Team Snapback Hat has created a lot of interest as well! The Silver State Warm-Up winning hats are now available for purchase through JQ’s US Version of THEShop and will soon be available in the EU Version!

    Source: JQRacing