Capricorn LAB C804 1/8th nitro on-road kit


Capricorn have introduced the all-new Capricorn LAB C804 1/8th nitro on-road kit. The LAB C804 features a new chassis that offers symmetrical flex characteristics and new front and rear lower and upper arm design, the arms being made in hard composite material and featuring a symmetrical design. The rear end is narrow and it is fitted with a new bulkhead with sway bar mount incorporated and it offer the possibility to use rear link instead of upper arm. The LAB C804 comes also with new two speed bulkheads and a new brake lever. The front end offers a shorter wheelbase and features new bulkheads and upper arms hangers, a new servo saver and a new sway bar adjustment system. The new plastic center radio tray mount is topped by a new radio tray and radio box. The LAB C804 combines grip and handling, making the car easy to drive. The car also offers easy access for tuning and maintenance. The LAB C804 will become available from October 20th.

Source: Capricorn RC