Christoph Rohrmoser claims Austrian 1/10th on-road title


The 4th and final round of the Austrian IC Track National Championship was held at the Sollenau track. With Franz Engel and Christoph Rohrmoser two Shepherd drivers had chances to take the title but F.Engel had to win the race to claim the title. In qualifying Simon Ciudan (Capricorn) took the pole-position followed by Franz Engel (Shepherd) and Christoph Rohrmoser (Shepherd) respectively. At the start of the final F.Engel was able to take over the lead and managed to increase the gap to one lap over the rest of the field. Mid-race he changed the tyres and dropped behind S.Ciudan who didn’t change the tyres. In the final stages F.Engel closed the gap step by step, but as time was getting short he had to take a higher risk and made a mistake in the penultimate lap. S.Ciudan crossed the finishing line in first position followed by Rohrmoser and Engel in third. With this result C.Rohrmoser took the overall title in front of F.Engel and Kandelhart. Young Shepherd racer Simon Engel finished the final in 6th position which was enough to claim the national junior title.

Source: Shepherd