ARC R11F FWD Touring Car kit


ARC have introduced the new R11F Front Wheel Drive Touring Car. Based on the successful R11 2019 platform, the R11F features a front motor position for optimal FWD handling characteristics. The Touring Car shares 95% of the spares and option parts with the R11 2019, the R11F, a significant advantage for the ARC’s owners. The R11F chassis is machined from high-quality 2.25mm carbon fibre material. The upper deck is made from 2.0mm carbon fibre, while 1.6mm carbon fibre and aluminum upper deck are available in option. All upper decks are the same as R11 2019, making them interchangeable in between R11 2019 and R11F. The R11F uses a single belt transmission coupled with an oil-filled gear differential. The single belt transmission offers super easy maintenance and ultra high efficiency. Both 2S standard stick style and shorty style LiPo batteries can be mounted in five positions in order to produce various handling characteristics depending sizes and track conditions.

Source: ARC