Serpent Cobra SRX8-GTe 1/8th electric GT


Serpent have introduced the new SRX8-GTe 1/8th electric GT car. The car is based off the SRX8-GT and proven durability of the SRX8 line of cars. With balance and speed in mind Serpent opted for the saddle layout, which opened up many additional advantages in the design and performance on the track. Additionally speaking, the SRX8-GTe benefits from a vast assortment of options already available for SRX8 line of vehicles. In on-road racing, chassis width and corner clearance is huge, this controls the lean and body roll in all directions. In addition to that, the roll and lean angles ultimately control the maximum cornering force. Serpent kept the chassis the narrowest in nature that was possible, while increasing the corner clearance. The front of the chassis meets the ROAR and IFMAR rules of a minimum kick-up angle, while increases clearance, for curbs, uneven track and under heavy braking. This also allows for a nice mounting surface and easy to find body posts as they will be facing fully vertical. All these design concepts are nestled in a 7075 T6 aluminum chassis.

The 7075-T6 brackets allow to fully adjust the front kick-up 0,0.5,1,1.5 and 2 degree increments. The rear anti-squat is no different as you can adjust that from 1,1.5,2,2.5,3 degrees, and the Toe-in adjustment can be made, 2, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25, 3.5 and 4 degrees using the inserts provided in the kit. You can adjust the toe, anti-squat and kick angle, as well as the roll center height adjustments. Serpent have also added new shims to adjust the roll center at 1 and 2 mm of the chassis plate. This allow to fine tune the kick angle, anti-squat and roll center height further than ever before. The GT platform was upgraded with fully aluminum bulkheads and suspension brackets, additionally the SRX8-E center diff mount, The motor mount and motor mount slide are included in the kit and made from 7075-T6 aluminium. They come black anodized with silver shiny edges.

The SRX8-GT will be the first to come with not only 4 adjustable diff positions, but it will also come with easy access differentials. The 4 adjustment positions will allow the racer to fine to his model race car from the lowest grip, all the way to the highest grip conditions. Both the front and rear bulkheads share the same diff inserts, and pinion holders, to minimize extra parts and to maximize your racing fun. The differentials both front and rear can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. To deliver traction, the center differential was removed and replaced with a super light weight spool. The spool adapts the SRX8-E’s 44 tooth Module 1 spur gear, so it will accept all popular brands of pinion gears.

A new addition to the SRX8-GTe is a flat steering system. Since minimal kick-up angles are used there was no need to have the angled steering system seen on Serpent’s off-road cars. Serpent took the successful steering system from the SRX8 and SRX8e and created a version specifically for the GT car. It allow to continue to use existing Ackerman plates, but it also allow to lower the CG of the bulkheads and further enhance this cars ability to corner with less body roll. Keeping the most consistent Ackermann curves helps to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect with no surprises, when you approach a turn, travel through and then exit. The end outcome is more efficient cornering with less tire wear. In order to fully utilize the steering system, the steering servo is mounted to a beautifully crafted 1 piece servo mount made from 7075 T6 aluminum. The mount then is directly mounted to the chassis to create more stiffness.

This SRX8-GTe utilizes a top deck that is mounted directly to the center bulkhead as well as the rear bulkheads. The chassis uses the twist of the top deck mounted in the center of the chassis to control the twist of the chassis while still providing super stiffness front to back. With Controllable twist, you can generate more cornering force, while still having the front to back stiffness, you can further enhance the grip out of the corners. The center of gravity and weight distribution have huge effects on how an RC car will perform especially in the GT class on high grip asphalt track. The SRX8-GTe has the batteries mounted directly on the chassis and they are secured by plastic mounts and then fixed into position with Velcro straps.

The SRX8-GTe chassis comes with holes pre drilled into the chassis for optional weights and the GTe allows to add a 25-gram weight to the front and/or rear. The weights will be sold separately but the chassis is ready to accept them. The front and rear gear differentials are fully sealed, adjustable and light weight. The differentials viscous nature can be adjusted to each track condition by changing the viscosity of the silicone oil used to fill it. The ring gear is 44t, while the pinion is 13t, giving you the optimal gearing for the GT class. The internal Ratio of the differential is 2:1 which is industry standard. The GTe comes with ball bearing raced sway bars in both the front and rear suspension. The sway bar will be securely fastened and the left and right play can be adjusted. You can be rest assured there is not un-necessary friction and your roll bar is fully operation when driving your race car.

The arms have a captured pivot-ball for the sway bar. This design allow to adjust the play of the ball as well as make sure you have no binding in any direction when your suspension operates. The plastic nut, keeps the ball retained into position. You can replace the plastic cap with an aluminum optional version if you like a more secure nut. Carried over from the successful SRX8 is the C-hub front end and long rear arm. The rear arm offers 2 length arms, short and long. Aside from the arm length, Serpent have refined the suspension geometry for maximum cornering while the new arm risers both on the front and rear compliment the GT. You can outfit the top and bottom of the arms with nylon or carbon arm stiffeners to control the flex characteristics. The shock towers have all been optimized to give you the proper up and down travel for the most demanding Racing circuits out there.

The front and rear suspension arms, both feature arm plates that can be added, removed or swapped out for Carbon fiber. This feature can be used for a host of reasons, which can include looks and or performance. Depending on your grip level and track surface, you can adjust the stiffness of the SRX8-GTe’s arms. Generally stiffer arms have a more linear feel but can reduce grip. This happens by forcing the shock to do more work. A softer arm can increase grip by reducing the shocks importance, but can also give the car a less direct feeling. The rear uprights come fully machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and come anodized in black with some nice machined silver edges. They also have rubber CVD boots to keep the grease contained in order to minimize wear and maximize life time. In addition to, the roll center can be adjusted in 4 positions for the short arm and also 4 positions in the long arm.

The front caster blocks are set on 10 degrees and are fully machined from 7075 T6 aluminum with also machined silver edges. They also have setscrews that hold all pins into position. They also have steering stop screws that can be used to limit the steering throw to the absolute perfect of angles. The front steering spindle, made from 7075-T6 aluminium comes black anodized with silver machined edges. It also includes a rubber CVD boot to keep the driveshaft greased, to minimize wear. The steering spindle also accepts 5 different Ackermann plates, 0,1,2,3,4. 0 is the easiest steering while 4 is more aggressive. All plates can be easily identified by the notch marks in the side of the plate. The 16mm threaded shocks with o ring seals are the same as the previous GT. They have extremely tough 4mm shock shafts and aluminum shock caps. The threaded bodies make it super easy to get the ride height or tweak settings you might be looking for. The shock can be set up in a variety of ways depending on your configuration. With “Pro “caps available as optional you can have emulsion or bladder shocks all in one cap.

The SRX8-GTe also comes with fully adjustable front and rear body mounts, and platforms. The platforms are oversized to make sure the body had plenty to rest on and held in place with a sold metal pin. The posts themselves are extra-long so that they can be cut to length depending on what body you prefer and positioned with the use of a threaded screw. A new addition to the SRX8-GT is the rear diffuser. It provides more stability, ease of driving, better air flow in and out of the body and faster lap times. The GTe is supply an oversized large foam bumper. The bumper is firmly mounted between the upper and lower bumper. This solid mounting allows you to take more direct impact and ensure your car will be properly protected. The bumper can be trimmed to fit most if not all bodies currently in the market.

Source: Serpent