Toni Gruber takes German National 1/10th 200mm title


The German 1/10th 200mm Nitro Touring Nationals were held at the AMC Hamm track over the weekend. Perfect weather conditions welcomed all drivers on all four days and it was Thilo Tödtmann (Shepherd) who set the TQ 0,3sec in front of his teammate Toni Gruber (Shepherd). In the first few minutes of the final T.Tödtmann and T.Gruber could slightly pull away. Unfortunately T.Tödtmann had some problems with his body right after the first fuel stop and T.Gruber took over the lead. With all his routine the young driver from Plauen was able to control a safe gap over the rest of the field until the chequered flag. While T.Gruber clocked lap after lap, a thrilling duel for the title of the Vice-champion emerged between Melvin Diekmann (Shepherd) and Jakub Rozycki. M.Diekmann had decided to change the tyres only on the outside while J.Rozycki had more tyres left towards the end of the race as he changed all four. For the last 15min of the final the crowd at the track saw a thrilling battle with several overtaking maneuvers. It all came down to the last corner: both drivers pushed their vehicles towards the finishing line after the chicane. J.Rozycki went all-in but it was not enough and M.Diekmann kept the upper hand. The title of the German Champion 40+ went also Shepherd boss Patrick Schäfer who secured the title with a seventh place finish after some technical problems in the final.

Source: Shepherd