Fankhauser & Kurzbuch take Swiss on-road titles


The fifth and last round of Swiss on-road championships was held at the challenging MRC Langenthal track in Langenthal in good weather condition. The crew did a perfect job and the whole race was perfect organized. Friday afternoon we had four rounds of free practice and they count the fastest three consecutive laps. In 1/10th 200mm Touring Car, Marco Rizzo (Infinity) set the fastest time from Patrick Fankhauser (XRAY) only 0.04 sec behind. M.Rizzo took the overall TQ by winning all the four qualification rounds from Stafan Wüthrich (XRAY). Thanks to the fastest lap during the Super Pole, P.Fankhauser secured the third spot on the starting grid for the A-main. P.Fankhauser had to finish in fourth position if Stefan Wüthrich won the race to defend the title from last year. P.Fankhauser decided to take no risk in the final and let the faster guys, M.Rizzo and Niclas Scherer (Shepherd) fighting for the win. With this strategy, P.Fankhauser managed to finish in third behind N.Scherer and M.Rizzo and in front of S.Wüthrich. With two wins, a second and a third place, P.Fankhauser is crowned 2019 Swiss champion, 57 points ahead his teammate S.Wüthrich and M.Rizzo.

In the 1/8th on-road class Silvio Hächler (ARC) brought home the win in the 45-minute final from Simon Kurzbuch (Shepherd) in second and Mattia Pesenti (XRAY) in third. The second place allowed to S.Kurzbuch to secure the title, followed by the XRAY duo of Luca Martinelli and M.Pesenti, who made only four race this year.