Malaysian National Championships Rd3 report


Round 3 of the Malaysian National Championships was held at Mutiara Rini, Johor Bahru located in southern Malaysia last weekend. The event attracted approximately 70 racers from all over the states and this round shaw representatives from Singapore. The weather quite good helps the event went well. There are four competing categories such as the Super Stock 13.5T, the GT Stock 17.5T, the M chassis Stock 17.5T and the Tamiya Racing Truck 17.5T. In the 13.5T Super Stock, Nicholas Lee from Singapore was the Top Qualifier, followed by Azri Amri and Shahrin for the starting grid. For final A1, Azri tried to give pressure to Nicholas but the gap between this two widened until the end of final A1 and Nicholas took the first win. Same goes to A2 where Nicholas took the second win with Azri in second. A3 saw a great battle between Azri, Shahrin and CK Bong to take the win but after struggle a bit at earlier in the final, Azri took the win. Overall in the Super Stock 13.5 class it was Nicholas Lee with the win followed by Azri Amri in second and CK Bong in third.

13.5T Super Stock result:

  1. Nicholas Lee (TQ)
  2. Azri Amri
  3. CK Bong
  4. Wong Kok Wai
  5. Shahrin
  6. Ah Kam
  7. Michael Lo
  8. David
  9. Jack
  10. Arman Ahmad

The GT Stock 17.5T category saw a fierce competition between local racers and the others. After the qualifying result, Aaron took the TQ followed by Shukri and Arman JB 2. The A1 final saw a great battle between Aaron and Shukri until the back markers traffic caused crash between them. After the crash, Aaron managed to take the win with Nizam in 2nd and Arman in 3rd. In A2, Shukri and Arman JB2 tried to put the pressure on Aaron but the position remain same, Aaron taking a second win. Aaron didn’t run A3, letting Shukri and Arman JB2 to fight from the start. However, massive crach from Arman including with another racer gave to Shukri enough gap to took the win. Overall, Aaron (TQ) took the victory with Shukri in second and Nizam JB in third.

GT 17.5T result:

  1. Aaron (TQ)
  2. Shukri
  3. Nizam JB
  4. Arman JB2
  5. Fauzi
  6. Am Melaka
  7. Shane
  8. Eddie KR
  9. Salim JB
  10. Azlie KR

In the M chassis category it was Shukri who set the TQ from Asoi in 2nd and Wandy in 3rd. A1 saw some great battles between Shukri and Wandy until the last lap and ultimately Shukri grabbed the win. in A2, Asoi and Wandy made a mistake allowing Shukri to widen the gap. Shukri took another win and so the overall victory. Wandy Moore took the win in A3, securing the second position overall. Asoi rounded out the top 3.

M chasis result:

  1. Shukri (TQ)
  2. Wandy Moore
  3. Asoi
  4. Alex
  5. Bahar
  6. Joe Aziz
  7. Epin
  8. Nik Ehzan
  9. Ropi

Aaron set the overall TQ in the Tamiya Racing Truck category followed by Wandy Moore and Kowjack. Aaron cruised to an easy victory in A1. In A2, Aaron had to retire early after an accident allowing Wandy to take the win followed by Nuar Melaka and Kowjack. In A3, battle started between Aaron and Wandy from the very start. However, a small mistake from Aaron allowed Wandy to take the lead but both of them crashed and Kowjack took the lead and the win followed by Nuar Melaka. Overall, Wandy Moore took the win in front of Kow Jack in 2nd and Nuar Melaka in 3rd.

Tamiya Racing Truck result:

  1. Wandy Moore
  2. Kowjack
  3. Nuar Melaka
  4. Aaron (TQ)
  5. Alex
  6. Anuar JB
  7. Azam Nordin
  8. Nik Ehzan
  9. Toby Lee
  10. Joe Aziz

Thanks to the Malaysian National Championship organizer for the report.