Patrick Fankhauser wins at Swiss IC Track Nats Rd4


The fourth round of Swiss IC Track Nationals was held on the technical track of Herblingen. After four close rounds of qualifications between Marco Rizzo and Patrick Fankhauser (XRAY) it was M.Rizzo who set the overall TQ. In the 45-minute final, M.Rizzo, Niclas Scherer and P.Fankhauser pulled away from the rest of the field closely followed by Traugott Schar (XRAY), coming from the 6th place on the grid but unfortunately an engine issue stopped his race later. The battle for the first three positions was exciting with many position changes. P.Fankhauser managed to save his tires to change them at 25 minutes mark, while the rest of the field changed the tires after 20 minutes. N.Scherer had also engine issues allowing Stefan Wuthrich (XRAY) to take the 3rd position. M.Rizzo’s mechanics have made a perfect tire change and P.Fankhauser was from on under pressure. 5-minute before the end P.Fankhauser was 1-second behind M.Rizzo and slowly he ran out of tires. 4-minute later he was on the rims and P.Fankhauser was able to pass him and win from M.Rizzo in second and S.Wuthrich in third.

Source: XRAY