PSM DTC & HTC Touring Car aluminium chassis


PSM have introduced new aluminium main chassis for DTC & HTC Touring Cars such as the Yokomo BD9’19, XRAY T4’19 and Tamiya TA07. These unique chassis have been specially developed to suit medium-low (DTC = Delta Traction Characteristics) and medium-high (HTC = High Traction Characteristics) grip conditions. DTC chassis feature delta shaped cut-out’s to provide soft torsion characteristics along with consistent performance. The softer flex allows the car to generate more mechanical grip, which is very helpful in low grip conditions and/or very tight tracks.

HTC chassis feature special aligned pockets which create a stiffening rib pattern to provide less torsion characteristics along with consistent performance. Due to less flex, the car will be more stable and able to generate more corner speed, which is very helpful in many high grip conditions and/or fast sweeping corners. In addition, the HTC chassis versions feature a unique LCG weight distribution system, which allows to add optional weight inlays (2g each) to predefined locations with
out modifying the torsional characteristics of the chassis or adding up to its original thickness.

Source: PSM