Panak & Abrahamek win at Infinity World Challenge


Last weekend was held the Infinity World Challenge at the Morac Ring in Austria. In the 1/8th IC Track class it was Nejc Mihelic who set the overall TQ. The first final was a clean run for N.Mihelic as he managed to run away from Branislav Panak (XRAY) and Tomas Liptak (XRAY) while they battled for 2nd position. Unfortunately B.Panak ran out of fuel on lap 52 and then again on the last lap letting T.Liptak finished in 2nd a lap behind N.Mihelic. B.Panak rounded out the top 3, 2 laps down.

In the 2nd final B.Panak was sitting in 3rd chasing T.Liptak, and after the pitstop at lap 17 he overtook him thanks to a faster pit stop. B.Panak was in 2nd with T.Liptak sitting about 1.5 seconds behind him and N.Mihelic leading in front. After a few minutes, N.Mihelic suffered an issue with his engine which allowed B.Panak to get in to the lead with T.Liptak in 2nd. T.Liptak caught up and when both drivers entering the pitlane within 0.5 of each other there was a slow car entering the pitlane. B.Panak braked to slow down but T.Liptak was not able to brake as quick so he hit B.Panak’s car. B.Panak dropped into the 2nd position after a flamed out allowing T.Liptak to pull a half lap gap. A few laps later T.Liptak crashed at the end of the straight which allowed B.Panak to catch up and lap him. After that B.Panak stayed focused, managed tyres and cruised to the end without a mistake. T.Liptak came in second and Anze Setina in third.

In the 200m Nitro Touring class it was Michal Abrahamek (XRAY) who sweep the race, dominating the qualies and finals. The XRAY duo of Igor Liptak and Lovro Sustersic rounded out the top 3 result.

Source: XRAY