2019 ANC Japan report


The third round of the Asian Nitro Championship was held at the Infinity International RC Speedway in Inabe-shi, Mie, Japan over weekend. It was not a day for TQs in ANC final round. Naoto Matsukura (infinity) was leading for a long time in 1/10 scale sedan. He had a flame out when he back to pit line for last time to refuel. He was behind the leader for couple laps after mechanic replace new plug! Finally, N.Matsukura came in 2nd, Andrew Shapland in third and Andy Moore (Infinity) took the win in the end.

Same happen in Masters and 1/8 Open classes. Kenji Taira (Infinity) and Carmine Raiola (Infinity) took the overall TQ in these two classes. In 1/8 Open class, C.Raiola was leading from the start until last 7 minutes but he flame out in pit line as like his teammate N.Matsukura in 1/10 Sedan. Dario Balestri (Infinity) also flame out in last 5 minutes. Finally, Tadahiko Sahashi (Infinity) took the lead until the end. Chavit Saligupta (Infinity) and C.Raiola rounded out the top 3.

Source: AsiaRC.info