Pro-Line introduce new pre-mounted MT tires


Pro-Line have introduced added four new pre-mounted tires for Monster Trucks to their range: the Badlands MX38 3.8″ All Terrain tire, the Road Rage 3.8″ Street tire, the Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand tire and the Trencher X 3.8″ All Terrain tire. The Badlands MX38 tires have Motocross inspired tread with a big and bolder knobby tread that matches modern MX tire design. The Badlands MX38 is a true All-Terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose and loamy dirt, mud or grass.

The Road Rage 3.8″ Street tires feature ultra-low sidewall and offer the maximum in predictability, stability, and responsiveness when racing around the neighborhood or venturing down to your local on-road race event.

The Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand or Snow tires provide hours of fun in the sand, snow or even in the occasional mud pit. The eleven paddles ensure maximum performance due to the true scoop design coupled with low roll outer sidewalls.

The Trencher X 3.8″ All Terrain tires are designed to give your MT optimal traction on just about any surface. Super cool horizontal H shaped treads give your MT ridiculous amounts of forward bite. With tread height at 1/4″ tall, you’ll find that durability and longevity are second to none.

All four tires come pre-mounted on the Raid 3.8″ removable hex wheel. Imagine being able to replace a damaged wheel hex without needing to replace your glued tires. These new Raid 3.8″ wheels make this possible by using a unique 8×32 interlocking hex design that is secured to the wheel by 8 M3 screws that are spaced 32mm across. The hexes are included and are also available separately (6345-00). The built-in adjustability and ease of use make this a new must-have wheel for bashers everywhere.

Source: Pro-Line