Havranek & Liptak win at Hungarian IC Track Nats Rd3


The 2019 Hungarian IC Track Championship was held at the challenging Morac-Gratz track near Graz, Austria last weekend. In the 1/8 on-road class after 4 intensive rounds of qualifying between the XRAY duo of Branislav Panak and Tomas Liptak, it was B.Panak who set the overall TQ. In the final, B.Panak led every single lap up until lap 84 when screw which was holding his engine mount got loose. His mechanic fixed it but just 5 laps after that he faced another bad luck and had to retire. T.Liptak managed to win with 3 laps gap in front of Anton Sloboda (XRAY) in 2nd place and 8 laps from B.Panak in 3rd. In the 1/10th 200mm Nitro Touring class it was Oliver Havranek who took the win in the 30-minute final after a short battle with Ciudar Simon in first few minutes. Sagi Tamas came in third.

Source: XRAY