Branislav Panak wins at Czech On-road Nats Rd4


The fourth round of Czech on-road Championship was held at the RC Modell Car Club Brno this past weekend. The track was very fast and the bumpy surface going up the hill made up for some pretty challenging conditions. In the 1/8 IC Track class, Branislav Panak (XRAY) had a tough time getting the pace in the qualifying round and during the warmup for the final a screw in the 2-speed shaft fell out requiring him to call a time-out to quickly fixed and inspected the car. He started third and because the organizer not realizing that he was supposed to start last he take a drive through penalty. In the first 5 laps B.Panak was sitting in third place right behind Tomas Liptak (XRAY), while Marcel Dostal (XRAY) was leading with about 3 seconds gap. B.Panak managed to pass T.Liptak in a corner after the straight and the lap after he passed M.Dostal when he flamed out. Radim Hruska was in second T.Liptak in third because of a front belt getting broken. R.Hruska had an issue and he had to retire from the race in lap 44. T.Liptak’s front belt has completely gone 43 laps later in lap 87 and he retired as well. That allowed M.Dostal to move up to the second place and Radovan Konopik to third. With a comfortable lead of 3 laps in front of M.Dostal and 22 laps in front of R.Konopik, B.Panak comfortably cruised to the win followed by M.Dostal in second and R.Konopik in third.

Source: XRAY