Luke Lee wins at Costal F1 Nationals


This past weekend was held the Costal F1 National in UK. After a sunny start and a mid qualifying downpour the sun came back again for the finals. Luke Lee (XRAY) took easily the TQ in Q1 and Q2 giving him provisionally the pole. For Q3 the rain came down, and with pole almost secure he simply put wet tyres on the car to get a feel of the track with the same setup but he lost too much time early on so finished 4th. Onto Q4 and the track was pretty much dry so he put back the slicks and took the TQ in the round once again. Onto the finals and the temperature was back up. L.Lee pulled a gap and keeping it there all race, lapping the whole field in leg 1 and not being too far off doing the same in leg 2. After a really close battle between Stephen Lander (Capricorn) and Michael Lee (XRAY), S.Lander came in second and M.Lee rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY