Joos & Vanbleu take Belgian National titles


The fifth round of the Belgian Nationals was held at the beautiful track of MRG Genk, in the eastern part of the country. The track layout is really nice, but the grip levels are quite low, due to the nature of the asphalt and the motocross track which is nearby. Because the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday proved to be terrible, some drivers went Friday evening to the track to do some laps. In the Touring Modified class it was Florian Joos (XRAY) who set the TQ on a super wet track. A1 went quite well for F.Joos. The track was already showing a dry line, but he decided to run the rain tyres anyway. It was a good decision as he won that final. Before the 2nd A-main, the track was almost dry. There were only a few damp patches left. F.Joos managed to easily win the 2nd A-main and the event with almost 12 seconds in front of Olivier Bultynck, who is the 2019 EFRA stock Champion and won the Belgian championship 11 times in a row. Mitchell Van Es in second and Rico Claeys in third rounded out the top 3. With this victory, F.Joos won 4 out of 5 races, and with only 1 race to go, he is the 2019 Belgian champion and the youngest ever Belgian Modified Champion.

In Formula, Krist Vanbleu (XRAY) won his first ever Belgian Nats. Liam Van de Wouwer take the runner-up spot, with Kenneth Meisters in third.

Source: XRAY