Reedy Crawler 16T 5-Slot brushed motor


Team Associated have introduced the new Reedy 16T 5-Slot brushed motor for Crawlers. The Reedy 16T 5-slot motor is the same motor that comes standard in the Element Enduro Trail Truck, Sendero RTR. But it is far more than a typical RTR motor thanks to its 5-slot design, which allows for precision control on a variety of surfaces and course conditions. Long-wearing brushes, fixed 0-degree timing, low-friction bushings, and silicone lead wires make this the best bang for your buck performance upgrade for your truck.


  • Ultra-smooth 5-slot armature
  • Long-wearing brushes
  • Fixed 0-degree timing
  • Low-friction bushings
  • Silicone lead wires


  • Cells:2S-3S LiPo/6-9cell NiMH
  • Diameter (mm):36
  • Length (mm):53
  • Shaft Diameter (mm):3.15
  • Weight (g):166

Source: Team Associated