Yokomo SP-03D RWD Drift Spec brushless servo


Yokomo have introduced their first ever, drift dedicated programmable servo, the SP-03D RWD brushless servo. This programmable brushless servo uses Yokomo’s revolutionary software as standard to prevent hunting/steering shake. It allows to fine tune the speed and torque in order to suits the track condition and your driving style. The SP-03D servo will come pre-configured with an optimized base setting from Team Yokomo Drift. In addition to the standard black anodized color, a red anodized version will also be released.


When I used this SP-03D for the first time, I was shocked by the steering holding power and stability that I had never felt before. Very high in steering speed, but no hunting or wobble so I could use a wide range of gyro gain. This is one of the key points of this victory. I personally think that from now on, the setting of the steering servo will also be an important factor of the RWD drift car setup. Please look forward to the latest drift servo!– Newly crowned D1-10 World Champion, Hayato Yoshiba at the WC.


Operating Voltage:4.8V~6.0V
Torque:13kg.cm 4.8V 16kg.cm 6.0V


  • Adjustable to suit your track surface via a new design program card
  • Full aluminum case that enhances both cooling and looks
  • To prevent weight increase in the front we have designed weight reduction into the case
  • Brushless motor that gives outstanding precision and torque
  • High precision aluminum gear set used for weight reduction and high dive efficiency

Source: Yokomo