Rico Kröber wins at German 200mm Nats Rd3


Last weekend was held the third round of the North German 200mm Nationals at the beautiful AMC Hildesheim e.V track. With two days of sunshine all drivers could enjoy plenty of track time on a well prepared track. Low traction and high tire wear made it a challenge for everybody to find a good balance. In the 1/10 class it was Shepherd’s Rico Kröber who took TQ after 4 rounds of qualification in front of Tim Benson (Serpent) and Jakub Rozycki (XRAY). The start of the final was confusing for some drivers because the starting signal sounded way after the flag. Some drivers thought the final will be restarted but the start was called legal from the race direction. After the first lap it was T.Benson in the first spot followed by J.Rozycki and R.Kröber in 3rd. A few laps later R.Kröber could pass J.Rozycki in the infield of the track and started to put pressure on T.Benson to fight for the first position. T.Benson made a mistake running into the grass allowing R.Kröber and J.Rozycki to pass him and open a gap of a half lap. Later on the positions switched several times during fuelstops. R.Kröber could fight back and overtook J.Rozycki once again on the track while 3rd placed T.Benson had to retire because of technical problems. Later on also J.Rozycki ran into trouble because of higher than expected, so he decide to change tires after 22min.
Without a tire change nor mistakes R.Kröber took the victory with a gap of 3 Laps in front of J.Rozycki and Micheal Heinrich (XRAY) in 3rd.

200mm final results:

  1. Rico Kröber
  2. Jakub Rozycki
  3. Michael Heinrich
  4. Alexander König
  5. Bernd Hasselbring
  6. Tim Benson
  7. Frank Falkenberg
  8. Kai Bode

Source: Shepherd