Mugen MTX6R adjustable front one-way set


Mugen Seiki have introduced an adjustable front one-way set for the MTX6/6R. The front differential has been used for a long time for 1/10 Nitro Touring Car, offering an excellent in braking stability when entering a corner, but the cornering performance becomes lower as hard oil is used to improve the stability. Conversely, the traditional one-way is not as stable during braking, but the traction is overwhelmingly superior to the differential. The adjustable front one-way combines the advantages of both. Mugen Seiki recommend to use softer oil to improve cornering performance and hard oil when to improve stability at breaking. Mugen Seiki recommend also using oil from #500,000, but soft oil is likely to be suitable for smaller or low grip tracks, and hard oil for larger or high grip tracks.

Source: Mugen Seiki