Italian GT12 Series Rd4 report


The beautiful A. S. D. Rivoli Racing track, located near the shores of Lake Garda, played host to the fourth round of the Italian GT12 Series. With the weather finally cooperating after several rainy weekends in a row, race conditions were perfect with temperatures reaching 33°C, while track temperatures soared to 53° during the finals. With a win still proving elusive in the 2019 edition of the Series, Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) was more determined than ever taking control of the field already from Q1 and achieving, by the end of the day, a Grand Chelem (pole position, fastest lap and race win). Beside Mattia, the three qualification rounds held during the morning saw Luca Tassinari (QuelliDelModellismoRC) showing a strong pace which was ultimately worth P2 on the A-mains’ grid, closely followed by Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo).

The afternoon finals saw Mattia taking control of the proceedings from the tone and finally securing the overall win for Round 4 after dominating both A1 and A2. The battle for the lower steps of the podium saw instead a very heated (but super fair) fight among Luca Tassinari, Alessandro Rampini, Alessandro Giubbilei (A. S. D. Jokerteam Bolzano), Leonardo Tagliavini (Team Schumacher) and Roberto Rampini (Treerremodellismo). After several position changes and super close racing in all three A-mains, it was Alessandro Rampini clinching P2 and Alessandro Giubbilei P3.
In the B-mains, it was Mario Stranieri (A. S. D. Jokerteam Bolzano) who took the win ahead of Andrea Sartori (A. S. D. Rivoli Racing) and Luca Bigi (RC Team RE).

Top 5 result:

  1. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher)- Schumacher Atom CC
  2. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – Schumacher Atom CC
  3. Alessandro Giubbilei (A. S. D. Jokerteam Bolzano) – Schumacher Atom CC
  4. Luca Tassinari (QuelliDelModellismoRC) – Schumacher Atom CC
  5. Leonardo Tagliavini (Team Schumacher) – Schumacher Atom CC

Top 10 after 4 of 6 rounds (best 5 scores count):

  1. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – 584 points
  2. Luca Tassinari (QuelliDelModellismoRC) – 582 points
  3. Roberto Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – 581 points
  4. Alessandro Giubbilei (A. S. D. Jokerteam Bolzano) – 576 points
  5. Riccardo Arcolini (A. S. D. Rivoli Racing) – 555 points
  6. Andrea Sartori (A. S. D. Rivoli Racing) – 549 points
  7. Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) – 448 points
  8. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – 448 points
  9. Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) – 447 points
  10. Fabrizio Dall’Oca (A. S. D. Jokerteam Bolzano) – 429 points

Source: “GT12 Italia”