Luca Martinelli wins at Swiss 1/8 IC Track Nats Rd2


The second round of the Swiss Nitro On-road Championships was held at the famous track in Lostallo. The weather forecast didn’t look too promising, but drivers could run the 3 controlled practices and the first qualifying round on a dry track. Unfortunately during the lunch break start raining while there were still three qualifying round to run. At the end, Luca Martinelli (XRAY) took the TQ from his teammate Mattia Pesenti (XRAY), Ales Haydekr and Jürg Nydegger (XRAY) in the 1/8 IC Track. The final will be run on a dry track. After 4 corners M.Pesenti was already in the lead and he dominated the first 12 minutes until he had a crash with another driver exiting from the grass causing the breakage of a tire. His pit crew changed the tires and he started to recover. After some minutes M.Pesenti was already chasing L.Martinelli for the lead. 18-minute to the end M.Pesenti decided to change the tires but unfortunately he had some trouble in the pit and he lost too much time. M.Pesenti tried to push the car to the limit to catch up L.Martinelli and at 5-minute to the end he was only 2 seconds behind him, but his tires were too worn to overtake L.Martinelli. L.Martinelli took the win from M.Pesenti in second while Rudi Scherrer (Shepherd) came in third.

Source: XRAY Switzerland (Facebook)