Novarossi N-35Plus21 Limited Edition engine by


Exclusively from comes a reissue of the popular Novarossi 3.5cc 35Plus21 nitro on-road engine. The Limited Edition sports a black cooling head, a fluid-dynamics optimized 9-port liner and piston design with mulit-exhaust as well as a 14.5mm silicone-filled and tungsten-balanced crankshaft. Other features include a knife-design conrod, high-quality main bearing and an alloy carburettor with 9mm venturi insert. The engine is available now with only a limited quantity being made.


  • 9-channel hard chromed running set
  • CNC milled piston
  • 14.5mm turbo crankshaft with silicone insert and balancing weights
  • Aerodynamic “knife” connecting rod
  • 14.5mm quality main bearing
  • Aluminum sliding carburettor with 9mm Venturi


  • Displacement: 3.49cc
  • Power: 2.5 hp @ 36,000 rpm
  • Bore: 16.26mm
  • Stroke: 16.80mm
  • Front bearing: 7x19x5mm
  • Main bearing: 14.5x26x6mm

Source: Shepherd