Nikolakopoulos & Theodoropoulos win at Greek on-road Nationals Rd1


The first round of the Greek on-road Nationals (GTC) was held at the RCmaniacs Argos Racing track over the weekend. After the four qualifying rounds in the Touring Modified class it was Nikos Nikolakopoulos (XRAY) who set the overall TQ closely followed by Michalis Kyriazis (XRAY). Just before the start of first B final rain started to fall, not too much but enough to mess with track’s traction and organization decided to stop racing for a while. In the first final, N.Nikolakopoulos started on pole position but he lost his concentration and went wide on a dirty part of the track causing lost traction for two or three laps. M.Kyriazis took the opportunity to overtake N.Nikolakopoulos and catch the win. In the second final, M.Kyriazis made a mistake early on and that gave N.Nikolakopoulos enough gap to cruise to the win despite some fights with John Duke(Awesomatix) and then Filippos Isaakidis (Tamiya). The third and deciding final started with M.Kyriazis just behind N.Nikolakopoulos. despite a small incident between the drivers, N.Nikolakopoulos was able to take the victory from K.Michalis in second and Chris Vasilopoulos in third.

In the Touring Stock class it was Antreas Koutras who set the TQ, but after the finals it was Panos Theodoropoulos with the win from Filippos Oikonomou in second while A.Koutras rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY