Belgian Electric On-road Nationals Rd1 report


The first round of the 2019 Belgian Electric On-road Nationals was held this past weekend at the Lovan indoor track in Alveringem. The club provided the racers with a challenging track with enough grip and a large pit area for a weekend of fun on and off the track. The classes remained the same for 2019 with Formula using the Scorpion ESC and motor combination, Stock 13,5 the Muchmore combo and the new Fun 17.5 class with a spec motor provided by T2M. The modified class remained unchanged and all classes used the Volante tyres. The Touring Modified class was quite strong with Olivier Bultynck (Awesomatix ), the winner of the championship for the last 10 years and Mitchell Van Es (Awesomatix ), the runner up for the last 3 years. Florian Joos (XRAY) was able to take the overall TQ by winning two of three rounds of qualifying. In A1 O.Bultynck challenged F.Joos for the lead during the early laps but F.Joos found some more speed and won A1. In A2 F.Joos managed to take the win and thus his first Belgian Nationals victory. O.Bultynck came in second and M.Van Es in third.

Although there weren’t that many entries in Stock 13,5T, the competition would still be strong as there were no less than three Belgian champions lining up on the grid. Q1 went 2018 Belgian champ Giovanni Moguez’s (XRAY) way as he beat 2017 Belgian champ Vincent Van Gansen (XRAY) by a fraction while former champ Stefan Rommens (Yokomo) put his car in third, but he was 4 seconds adrift. For Q2 and Q3 V.Van Gansen really upped his pace and took the overall TQ from G.Moguez. P3 went to S.Rommens, but the star of qualifying was without any doubt young driver Alexander Van Gansen (Yokomo). Although A.Van Gansen was about 4 seconds off S.Rommens’s pace, his inspiring drive impressed many spectators. XRAY driver Jeremy Deram rounded off the top 5.

V.Van Gansen and G.Moguez were eager to fight for the first victory. When A1 started, it was clear that the battle was going to be fierce. V.Van Gansen strategy was based upon defending rather than attacking and this proved an error as G.Moguez touched him coming onto the main straight. G.Moguez sportingly waited, but S.Rommens already took the lead with A.Van Gansen in tow. V.Van Gansen and G.Moguez were down the order and carving their way through the traffic when disaster struck again for V.Van Gansen. A back marker traction rolled onto the main straight and third placed driver Xavier Debroye hit him hard while V.Van Gansen had to drive around the carnage, G.Moguez retook P3. In the meantime, S.Rommens was consolidating his lead with A.Van Gansen following some 3 seconds further back. Then disaster struck for S.Rommens as a backmarker hit him and made his body collapse. Without any downforce, A.Van Gansen overtook him and was leading his first race for the Belgian Nats. G.Moguez was however not going to be sentimental about this and overtook A.Van Gansen when he ran a bit wide over a kerb. V.Van Gansen in the meantime fought his way back to P3 and was waved through by his younger brother. G.Moguez took A1 in front of V.Van Gansen and A.Van Gansen, a very gutted S.Rommens and Peter Degrande (Awesomatix).

In A2, G.Moguez again made a daring move and touched V.Van Gansen’s door. As V.Van Gansen was unsettled, he again waited while S.Rommens was accelerating like mad to grap P2. V.Van Gansen just held on to his lead while G.Moguez was now in P3 behind S.Rommens. G.Moguez clearly had the faster car, but Stefan kept his cool to claim P2 in front of G.Moguez. A.Van Gansen and Xavier Debroye (XRAY) rounded off the top 5.

For A3, V.Van Gansen changed his strategy and decided to attack instead of defend. This paid dividends as he was able to carry more corner speed and start to build a gap. For G.Moguez, it was all or nothing and he tried to follow V.Van Gansen pace. Carrrying a bit too much speed through a corner, he traction rolled a gave V.Van Gansen the much needed break to claim A3 and the overall victory. G.Moguez finished in second while S.Rommers came in third.

The Fun class was won by the XRAY’s Rony Claeys followed by Krist Bultynck (VBC) in second and Herman Van Gansen (Yokomo) in third.

Source: XRAY