Shepherd Velox V8.2 1/8 nitro on-road coming soon


After a first teaser a few weeks ago, Shepherd have released more detailed CAD images of the Velox V8.2 including all the new developments. To create the Velox V8.2 only the best raw materials are used such as high quality 7075 T6 aluminium, high-end composite materials, hardened steel or the well know 12.9 high strength Allen screws. The biggest changes of the model can be spotted at front end which was completely redesigned to add more setup possibilities without sacrificing the well proven geometry. The new lower wishbones can be mounted in 3 different position to adjust the arm lenght while the overall wheelbase can be changed by 2mm. The redesigned topdeck offers a completely different flex characteristic at the front end while the rear flex system has been simplified by removing the small ball bearings. The front upper hinge pin brackets can be connected to the new front bulkheads to add further flex options. The completely new designed 7075 T6 chassis plate offers additional options for carbon inserts to optimize the flex and the air flow.

Various other parts have been improved in detail such as the stronger gearbox bulkheads, the radio plate mount, updated front and rear shock towers, the redesigned rear body mount centering plate, the rear body mount itself, the front and rear uprights – which can be equipped with optional carbon aero discs – and others. To honor the world championship winning heritage of the Velox V8 platform the latest edition includes a lot of high-end racing parts such as aluminium wheel axles with CVDs for the front and the rear, lightweight pulley adaptors, an adjustable aluminium servo saver or the reverse clutch with an high end clutch shoe.


  • New rear uprights with mounting holes for optional carbon aerodiscs
  • Updated rear body mount
  • Redesigned rear shock tower
  • Redesigned carbon centering plate body mount rear
  • New stronger gearbox bulkheads
  • New chassis plate with optional carbon inserts to optimize the airflow
  • New battery mount
  • New radio plate mount
  • New radio plate
  • New complete aluminium servo-saver
  • New front upper hinge pin mounts with connection to the front bulkheads
  • New front bulkheads
  • Redesigned front shock tower
  • New front upper and lower wishbones
  • New front uprights
  • New front downstopsystem
  • New lower hinge pin brackets with excentric inserts for different arm length
  • New shock springs
  • New front bumper

Source: Shepherd