MOD/TLR 1/5 Champs Rd1 report


The opening round of the MOD/TLR 1/5 scale Championship Series was held at SoCal Nitro Raceway in Victorville, California. The turnout was great as the class maxed out at 92 entries making it the biggest 1/5 event of the last two years. In the Pro 4wd Truck class it was Kevin Enriquez who set the TQ but couldn’t convert in the final as Brian Sullivan brought home the win from Matthew “MOD” Olson in second and Joey Bang Bang in third.

In the Pro 4wd Buggy class it was Brent Bisbee with the TQ but in the final, Kevin Enriquez was able to take the win from Chris Zega and Brian Garcia in second and third respectively.

In the Expert 4wd Truck class it was Mike Duncan who took the overall TQ. Steve Bredemann was able to bring home the win with a 3-second margin from M.Duncan while Ronnie Bazik came in third.

Dan Silagy was the top qualifier in the Expert 4wd Buggy class but he had to settle for the 3rd spot after the final. Randy Coleman was able to take the victory in front of Jake Alton.

Jake McGarvey would sweep the Open 2wd class by taking the TQ and the win. D.Silagy and Brian Schapiro rounded out the top 3.

Jerry Chaney was the man to beat in the Sportsman 4wd Truck class. he took the TQ and win from Chris Shaffer in second and Patrick Brown in third.

In the Sportsman 4wd Buggy class it was Randy Morrow who set the TQ but in the final it was Joe Ritchot who took the win from Greg Kathrein in second while R.Morrow came in third.

In the Beginner class it was Ron Smith who set the pace by claiming the overall TQ after the qualifying rounds. In the final, Patrick Kerley cruised to the win with Michael Bennett 1-lap behind. R.Smith completed the podium result.

Source: MOD