Schumacher & Pit Shimizu Statement


Pit Shimizu, the famous Japanese RC tyre manufacturer, has now closed. Schumacher Racing, previously one of their leading distributors, are pleased to announce that they have acquired the Shimizu mould tools, rubber compounds, and ancillary tyre manufacturing equipment.

Production of the most popular tyres should re-start in about 3 months. These will include the legendary PS-0400 (XG-RAIN) which is the BRCA control tyre for wet weather touring car racing in UK. Shimizu F1 tyres have a fantastic reputation on carpet it will include the PS-571 (XG-571) and PS-575 (XG-575) F1 tyres which are the BRCA control tyres for F1 indoor carpet racing. The PS-SM-F, PS-SM-G, and PS-SM-R3 are very popular treaded tyres for M-Chassis, and will soon be back, as well as the PS-0430 M-chassis slick tyres.

Schumacher currently have good stocks of the touring wet tyres. There is limited availability on the other tyres until Production re-starts. We would like to thank Mr Shimizu and Mr Ishii for their cooperation and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Former Pit Shimizu customers are advised to contact Schumacher Racing for ongoing supplies.

Schumacher/BRCA TC Statement regarding XG-Rain BRCA wet tyre

The manufacturer of the exceptional BRCA Wet tyre Pit Shimizu, has now ceased trading due to retirement. Schumacher Racing have in stock enough of the current wet tyre to last several months, but probably not enough for the whole season, depending on the weather.

To try and keep some kind of supply going throughout the season we persuaded Pit Shimizu to make one final batch to get us through the year. This ‘v2’ batch has a slightly different material ingredient as the previous one was no longer available.

This tyre was tested at Bedworth recently and found to be slightly faster than the original tyre. When the original tyre runs out we will inform drivers and at that point the new V2 tyre will be made available. Drivers will be able to purchase it and allowed to use both types at BRCA Nationals and Clubmans.

The V2 production will have a new part number XG-Rain-V2. For those worried about the V2 tyre getting into the market early, please don’t. These tyres are in sealed boxes and have been moved to a separate location.

Schumacher have bought the mould tools and rubber compounds from Shimizu and long term plan is to re-start manufacturing the tyres, but this will not affect the tyres for this season. While this is not an ideal situation, Schumacher Racing and the BRCA Touring Car committee have tried to find the best solution for the racers moving forward.

Source: Schumacher Racing