Pro-Line Outcast & Notorious Brute bodies


Pro-Line Racing have introduced two new bodies for the ARRMA Outcast and Notorious. First up is the Brute clear body. The Brute is Pro-Line’s take on a modern truck and features a bold grill with eye-pleasing body lines sure to turn heads at your local bash spot.

Also new is the Brute Bash Armor white body. The Brute body has been developed from the ground up to be the toughest body Pro-Line has ever produced. The Bash Armor material is twice as thick as regular 1/8 truck bodies and is ultra-flexible to reduce the chance of cracking and shattering.

Both Brute body have been specifically designed to fit the unique shape of the ARRMA 1/8 Monster Trucks and allows you to add a custom paint job. The Brute clear body comes including window masks, detailed decal sheet and paint then peel over-spray film while the Brute Bash Armor white body includes detailed decal sheets to complete the look.

Source: Pro-Line