Alexander Hagberg crowned TITC Champion


The TITC, the biggest on-road race in Asia was held once again in Bangkok, Thailand, at the famous Infinity Addict circuit. This race stands out as one of the most competitive races of the year, as it’s attended by all factory teams, whom all put in extensive amounts of practice leading up to the event. Alexander Hagberg (XRAY) took the TQ spot by winning the first and last round of qualifying.

The finals were going to be very close, as always at this event. In A1, A.Hagberg had to drive defensively at first, to protect his position against a hard charging Naoto Matsukura (Infinity). A couple of minutes into the race, A.Hagberg was given some breathing room. A2 started off much in the same fashion, but as soon as the A.Hagberg’s car came in, his pace was good enough for him to gap the field, and control the race all the way to the finish line. N.Matsukura and Akio Sobue (Infinity) rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY