Shepherd Velox V8.2 teaser


Team Shepherd have unveiled an unfinished CAD image of their forthcoming World and European Championship winning Velox V8.2 platform. The image features a completely redesigned front end including new lower and upper arms, steering hubs, lower and upper hinge pin mounts as well as an aluminium servo saver and other details. The steering hubs are equipped with mounting holes for optional front carbon aerodiscs. The upper hinge pin mounts can be connected to the bulkheads to stiffen up the front suspension while the lower hinge pin mounts feature three pin positions changing the front lower arm length. Addtional setup options come in form of new lower arms which allow to change the wheel base by 2mm and also the fhe front upper arms have been updated.

With modern 1/8 race bodies getting longer and longer the front bumper has been updated to give additional support. The all new chassis plate can be equipped with optional carbon inserts to optimize the airflow on high-speed tracks. A smaller and thus lighter front aluminium servo saver and redesigned gearbox bulkheads complete the visible changes. Furthermore the kit will feature some high-end racing parts as a reverse clutch, light aluminium wheel axles and rear CVD drive-shafts.

More details and features like an optional battery position / chassis weight kit will be available closer to the release which is planned for end of April.

Source: Shepherd