MIP Demon G2 R-CVD kit


MIP have introduced the new R-CVD kit for the Cross RC Demon G2 and G1R with axle upgrade. Made of alloy steel , the kit is 100% US made and designed to deliver top performance and longer lasting parts. The R-CVD kit allows to turn the tires to a true to 46 degree angle with no binding, resulting in top performance and reliability. This R-CVD kit features a unique mechanical stop between the axle and bone where they will bottom out before the cross pin, safeguarding the cross pin from breakage leading to a longer lasting parts. The MIP R-CVD kit also fits any Cross RC Demon with a G2 or G1R axle upgrade and does not require any type of modification. The kit also utilizes MIP HD Driveline couplings which makes it easier to rebuild.

Source: MIP