Awesomatix introduce new A700 / A800 option parts


Awesomatix have announced the release of more optionals for the A700 and A800 in the form of a 2,0mm aluminium chassis, ‘US’ upper arm holders and ‘US’ aluminium steering blocks. First up is the 2,0mm aluminium chassis; machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, it comes black anodized and features additional holes for optional +8mm and +9mm longer arms. The chassis sports a new design with updated cutouts to offer more response and better steering feeling combined with the high corner speeds compared to the previous chassis.

Next up are ‘US’ the upper arm holders; machined from 3mm thick black anodised 7075-T6 aluminium, which mean it’s 0,5mm thicker compared to the standard parts and feature the same geometry as the standard parts. To keep same roll center on top links as the standard parts, 0,5mm shims must be removed under the ball studs.

Also new are the ‘US’ aluminium steering blocks. They have the same nimble for identification on the lower leg than standard parts, but no flex cut out.

The parts with ‘US’ designation are especially designed for the use on tracks with hard boards/barriers. Compared to the standard parts, the ‘US’ parts are more reliable at impacts.

Source: Awesomatix