Muchmore Impact Silicon Graphene LiPo & LiHV battery packs


Muchmore have introduced three new Impact Silicon Graphene LiPo and LiHV battery packs. Available in stick format, their Silicon Graphene construction offers an ultra low internal resistance, increases voltage output, improved capacity, and improves cycle-life. Each battery pack features a moulded hard case for maximum crash protection in sizes that fit most popular 1/10th vehicles. The 8200mAh Impact Max-Punch FD4 7.4V LiPo pack. Made from high-quality 130C cells, it measure 138×46.5×24.8mm, weighs in at 323g, and it provides maximum power and increases run time in non-booted Stock racing classes.

Next up is the 6000mAh Impact LCG Max-Punch FD4 7.4V pack. Measuring 138×46.5×22.3mm, it was specially developed for Blinky and Boost Stock racing classes. The 2S battery utilizes also 130C high-performance cells with a super low internal resistance and an Impact flat discharge voltage curve for maximum power and top speed and fast voltage response over the Stock racing.

Also new is the Impact LCG HV FD4 LiHV 7.6V battery pack. Measuring 138×46.5×22.3mm, it can be charged up to 8.7V allowing for the higher output voltage by using LiHV-compatible chargers. Also it can be charged to the standard 8.4V for sanctioned races with the flat discharge curve compared to regular packs making for more punch towards the end of a run.

Source: Muchmore Racing