ARC R8.2 1/8th Nitro On-Road kit


ARC have introduced the new R8.2 1/8th Nitro On-Road kit. Based on the successful R8.1 platform, the R8.2 features a new 2-speed adaptor about 4g lighter to reduce weight and increase drivetrain efficiency. A new rear suspension block moves back the rear low arm 3.5mm towards the center in order to create more traction and stability. The new rear lower arms are are 5mm longer then old ones and they are designed to fit the new rear block. They are made from standard, soft and hard compound to suit all track condition. The new chassis features a weight adjustment system allowing to adjust front weight from 0mm into 30mm. The new upper deck incorporate a laydown throttle servo not only to lower the center gravity but also equalise the chassis flex and optimise weight distribution on both side. The R8.2E 4S Shorty LiPo conversion kit is also available to convert the R8.2 into R8.2E.

Source: ARC