Xpress introduce more XQ1 & XM1 carbon fibre option parts


Xpress have introduced new carbon fibre body post stiffeners and steering Ackermann plates for the Execute XQ1/S and XM1. First up are the front and rear body post stiffeners. They are made from high-quality carbon fibre and reduce the body from moving side to side which increases stability in the corners. They fit on both Execute XQ1/S 1/10 Touring Cars and XM1 4WD Mini Touring Cars.

Next up are the steering Ackermann plates for the XM1. They are also machined from high-quality carbon fibre in order to stiffen the steering plates to provide a sharper steering response and feeling. The plates feature one extra hole allowing to increase the aggressiveness of the steering response, perfect for asphalt tracks. A 2mm bumpsteer shim is required to get the same amount of bumpsteer as the stock steering plate.

Source: Xpress