Urban Touring Series Rd1 report


The 2019 season of the Urban Touring Series kicked off this past weekend at the On-road Raceway of the Urban PlaySpace in downtown Singapore. In addition to the presence of 9 of the 10 finishers from the 2018 season, the reigning Indonesia national Champion Bowie Ginting made the short hop over to race the roof at the Urban PlaySpace. The Touring Car class saw a PY Tang (ARC) seize the pole position when he won 2 of the 3 rounds of qualifying followed by Esmail Apandi (Xpress). Dominic Quek would have to settle for a P3 start. Despite his lack of track time, B.Ginting managed to qualify direct into the A-main in P4.

In A-main Leg 1, PY Tang held his position at the start, while an early overtake by D.Quek on E.Apandi at the front hairpin came undone when E.Apandi came into contact with D.Quek at the next turn. Chaos ensued after that as the chasing pack ran into the 2 front runners. D.Quek pulled up and sat out the rest of the final, while E.Apandi worked his way back up into 2nd place. B.Ginting would finish 3rd.

In Leg 2, PY Tang once again managed a quick start, while E.Apandi and D.Quek remained in hot pursuit. All 3 cars remain within 0.5secs of each other till just before the 2 minute mark when E.Apandi and D.Quek made contact once again, this time on the straight. E.Apandi came out of the incident better off and pulled away, while D.Quek got swallowed up by the chasing pack. Freed from D.Quek’s attention, E.Apandi set about to close the gap on PY Tang. Some fantastic laps by E.Apandi saw him steadily chip away on PY Tang’s lead from a gap of more than 2 secs to less than 0.5 secs. Steady driving by PY Tang gave E.Apandi no chance to make a move, giving PY Tang the Leg 2 win and with that an early overall win. PY Tang elected to run Leg 3, and he once again benefited from contact between E.Apandi and D.Quek in the opening lap. The leg finished in the same order as in Leg 2, giving E.Apandi an overall 2nd place finish, with D.Quek in 3rd.

In the Formula class qualifying, D.Quek (XRAY) was on another level, 3 secs ahead of his next nearest competitor over 3 laps. Finals were run in Reedy format. D.Quek took dominant wins in 4 of the 6 finals to secure the overall win. Tapana V (XRAY) came in second with 2 wins, while Alan Leung rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY