Pro-Line 12/17mm Hex Adapters for Raid 6×30 2.8″ Wheels


Pro-Line have introduced new 12mm and 17mm hex adapters for Raid 6×30 wheels. These hexes are made from high-strength, durable DuPont black nylon material and are built to take a beating. The set of 12mm hexes comes with a pair of narrow 12mm hexes (2wd Stampede/Rustler rear) and a pair of wide 12mm hexes (2wd Stampede/Rustler front and 4×4 Stampede/Rustler front and rear) while the set of 17mm hexes will fit your 17mm hex conversion trucks such as the PRO-MT 4×4 and PRO-Fusion SC 4×4.

Source: Pro-Line