REDS Racing 2350 & 2800 Kv GEN 2 V8 Brushless motors



REDS Racing have widened their range of 1/8 electric motors with the new 2350 Kv and 2800Kv V8 GEN 2 Brushless motors. The new motors have been developed together with REDS team drivers to guarantee the highest performance and latest technology. The 2350 Kv Brushless motor was developed for Truggies and Pan Cars while the 2800kw motor was developed for 1/8 on-road cars. The GEN 2 V8 motors are specifically designed to provide exceptional power, superior smoothness and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation. Thanks to his highly finned CNC-machined aluminium can, the GEN2 V8 motor works at very low temperature in all conditions ensuring exceptional reliability.

Source: REDS Racing