Redcat Racing Gen7 Portal Axle Kit


Redcat Racing have introduced new kit of portal axles for the Gen7 Sport and Gen7 Pro crawlers. One of the features that make the Gen8 so desirable, is its portal axles. They not only give the truck a more aggressive stance, but more importantly, they provide more ground clearance, allowing the truck to clear larger obstacles. Included in the portal axle kit are completely assembled front and rear portal axles with steel gears, CNC machined aluminum spools, and rubber sealed ball bearings. Also included are shock mounting adapters, as well as a servo mounting plate that integrates a panhard bar mount to keep the axle centered and add realism.

The portal axle kit also includes a slipper clutch upgrade, with a 50T spur gear, intended for the Everest Gen7. The additional gear reduction present in the portal axles drops the Gen7’s top speed by approximately 50%. The included spur gear counteracts this gear reduction, raising the Gen7’s top speed back to where you expect it to be. The slipper clutch features a lockout system, for those who don’t want the added protection and tunability of a slipper clutch, but still want the corrective gearing change.

When designing these axles, the Redcat Racing engineering team listened to what the RC community feels is most important in high quality portal axles. This is why they’ve included features like 5 degrees of caster, proper Ackerman angle, light weight high quality plastic construction, Mod1 steel gears, CNC machined aluminum spools, rubber sealed bearings, metal hex hubs, and metal gear covers. Packing as many high end features and quality materials into an affordable product was the goal, and we’re mighty proud of what they accomplished.

These axles were designed and developed in house in the USA, and with the help of the RC community, have gone through a strenuous and public Beta testing protocol, with real users, prior to their release. The results have shown them to be durable, impressively high in performance, and are sure to make an impact on the custom build community.

Source: Redcat Racing