Intellect America Type-X LiHV Graphene battery packs


Intellect America have introduced the new Type-X LiHV Graphene battery range. The hardcase battery packs are built using 120C Graphene-technology cells for a very low internal resistance, and have higher voltage power than the 2018 models (by 30~50mV). The batteries are available as 8400mAh (2S), 7600mAh (2S), 7000mAh (2S) and 6000mAh (2S) standard-size as well as 6000mAh (2S), 5000mAh (2S) and 8200mAh (1S) Shorty battery pack with a 7.6 nominal voltage. 2S LiHV Graphene battery packs feature 5mm bullet-type connectors, while the 1S battery pack features 4mm bullet-type connectors.

Source: Intellect America