Alessio Mota wins Italian GT12 Series 2019 Rd1


The first round of the Italian GT12 Series kicked off in Remedello at the Angiolino Mini Speedway indoor tarmac track. The Series will be held through six rounds across northern Italy and will see drivers chasing the crown of the GT12 class after a successful inaugural year in 2018 which saw GT12 going from strength to strength in popularity in the country.

The qualification rounds held saw Team Schumacher’s Alessio Mota set the pace by just 0.1 seconds on defending Champion and Team Schumacher’s driver Mattia Dall’Oca. A.Mota delivered a faultless drive which was also worth a record-breaking 12.934 seconds lap that finally proved unbeatable for the rest of the day. Locking the first row for the finals, M.Dall’Oca clinched P2 with a very strong showing in Q3, while Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) was a very close third. Those three drivers were also the only ones capable of setting 27-lap runs during qualifiers.

In the finals, A.Mota showed impressive consistency and speed securing tone-to-tone wins in both A1 and A2, while Mattia prevailed over A.Tolomelli after a thrilling battle through the final rounds. The B finals saw a heated battle at the top among Davide Massari (Minicar – Fontanellato), Lorenzo Sandonini (Treerremodellismo) and Gian Franco Bola (RC Team RE). Davide finally prevailed after a strong drive in B3.

The Series will next move north to Bolzano (Jokerteam – Bolzano) for Round 2 on March 31st, 2019.

Round 1 Results (Top 5):

  1. Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) – Schumacher Atom CC
  2. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – Schumacher Atom CC
  3. Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) – Schumacher Atom CC
  4. Michele Rossetti (Minicar – Fontanellato) – Schumacher Atom CC
  5. Roberto Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – Schumacher Atom CC

Overall standings (Top 10) after 1 of 6 rounds (best 5 scores count):

  1. Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) – 150 points
  2. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – 149 points
  3. Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) – 148 points
  4. Michele Rossetti (Minicar- Fontanellato) – 147 points
  5. Roberto Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – 146 points
  6. Ivan Milesi (Treerremodellismo) – 145 points
  7. Valerio Stagni (QuellidelModellismoRC) – 144 points
  8. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – 143 points
  9. Luca Tassinari (QuellidelModellismoRC) – 142 points
  10. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam – Bolzano) – 141 points

Source: “GT12 Italia”