BLITZ TS050 & GT3-GBS 1/8 on-road bodies


BLITZ have introduced two new 1/8 on-road bodies in the form of the TS050 1/8 on-road body and the GT3-GBS GT on-road body. First up is the TS050 1/8 on-road body. Tested since last year, the TS050 was designed to give more steering and overall stability for both 1/8 Nitro and Electric chassis. It provides this TS050 a very durable and consistent body dimension and performance. The EFRA 31552 homologated body is made from high quality clear polycarbonate in standard 0.8mm thick and in lightweight 0.7mm thick and comes with 6-piece body stiffener, window masks and pre-marked installation points to make it easier to cut.

Also new is the GT3-GBS GT on-road body. The GT3-GBS features a modified engine hood and the depth of A-pillar in order to meet the latest IFMAR GBS body rule. The body is also modified the front bumper edge which provide now more down force and so more steering. The rear wheel arch surface was also extended not only to increases the strength of the rear end, but also makes the body able to move it forward to increase steering. The standard GT3-GBS body is made from 1.0mm high-quality polycarbonate while the light version is made from 0.8mm. Both versions come including rear wing, wing screws, a decal sheet, and window masks.

Source: Team Titan