Joe Pillars appointed as team manager for 1up Racing


1up Racing have appointed Joe Pillars as team manager for their U.S. team. Joe brings a level of knowledge, organization and professionalism to the table that will ensure the 1up Racing team is well taken care of and their products stay 1up.

“A top priority is ensuring our products go through proper R&D testing before they reach your hands.”

J.Pillars had the following to say:

“I’m very excited to join the 1up Racing brand as their USA Team Manager for 2019. I really like their innovative products and have been using them at the track all year with great results. I also like the direction 1up Racing is going and am glad to be apart of the future. Randy and I have been very good friends for well over 10 years now and together we have shared a lot of success. Anyone that would like to apply for the 2019 1up Racing Team, please email me at:”

Source: 1up Racing